3 Ways to Kickstart Your Morning


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Not all of us are morning people, with many struggling to get their day moving along. Without a great start first thing in the morning, it can impact on our productivity for the whole day, which is hardly ideal.

To kickstart your mornings like a rockstar, try these 3 things:


Before you cringe in horror, nothing gets the metabolism pumping like exercise first thing in the morning. This does not mean running a 5km marathon before sunrise. A simple brisk walk around the block is optimal, or if you would rather exercise at home, try some sit ups, squats, lunges or star jumps. Anything that raises the heart rate is going to help you tackle the day from the get go.



Do not underestimate the importance of a balanced breakfast. They do not call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. A coffee does not cut it so instead start your first meal of the day with a mix of cereal, toast, protein and fruit. Always make time for a hearty breakfast or if you are time poor, a nutritious cereal or whole grain toast is a great start followed by some fruit for your transit.



Having focus from the start of your day is a big help to get you moving productively. Take a few minutes to plan out your day, including appointments, and must do tasks. Always identify your must do tasks, keeping it to a reasonable 3 to 5 tasks to ensure it is achievable. Tackle these tasks first if you can, before moving on to less urgent tasks.


Some other great morning kickstart tips:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Limit your screen time at night
  • Organise your outfit and items you need the night before
  • Have some social media free times during the day so you aren’t distracted
  • If you have kids, consider making school lunches in advance
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand


Starting the day productively will help you get more done every day so that you can feel good about your achievements and have more time to do the fun things you love. What is your morning routine?

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