4 Ingredient Dips!


Christmas has come and gone, but there is still plenty of socialising to be had with NYE and Australia day.

Here are 4 of our favourite dips:


Beetroot, Cracked Pepper and Garlic

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

1 can of whole beetroot

Cracked Pepper

1 clove of fresh garlic

Add beetroot to a food processor or a thermomix and blitz. Add cream cheese, garlic and pepper – I like a lot of pepper as it’s a perfect accompaniment to beetroot. Blitz until all combined and I serve this with a veggie platter of tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, celery and gherkins.


Corn Relish Dip

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Bottle of Corn Relish

Blitz the cream cheese until smooth and then add the corn relish and blitz until all combined – this is the easiest dip ever and tastes amazing! I serve this one with rice crackers or jatz and its also nice with veggies.


Gherkin Dip

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Gherkin Relish

100g of Triple Smoke Ham

½ Pickled Onion flavoured Cheese

Blitz the cream cheese, pickled onion cheese and ham until all combined. Then add gherkin relish and blitz until mixture is smooth. Amazing dip best served with water crackers.


Avocado Dip/Guacamole


Sweet Chilli Sauce

Sour Cream

You can make this dip the old fashioned way with a fork or in a food processor/thermomix – I prefer the old way as you get a nice texture with the avocado. In a bowl mush up the avocado with a fork. Add the sour cream and mix until all combined. You can add a dash of lime juice to the avocado before mixing to stop it from changing colour but I don’t mind the colour change so Ive never added it. Once the sour cream and avocado are mixed together then add about ½ cup of Sweet Chilli. I always get compliments on this dip – it’s a dip I created myself and am now sharing with you – so please tell the world about it.  I serve this with Doritos or add to tacos etc. Absolutely beautiful!!

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