5 Excuses For Not Entertaining And How To Over Come Them!

Two woman wearing lingerie and celebrating with drinks and confetti

With Christmas fast approaching we thought we would share a few common problems and solutions when it comes to entertaining.

I don’t have the time to have people over.

Make time, plan ahead and you will be surprised what you can pull off. Ask yourself are you always busy or os it that you are not being productive with your time. I personally have learnt that if you plan you can make time for anything. If it is important to you, make time for it.

My House isn’t nice enough

Unless you are trying to impress the editor of Belle magazine does it really matter? If anyone is going to judge you on where you live perhaps they are no worth inviting in the first place. Remember your home is where you hang your hat, it is yours regardless of what modern materialistic things it has on show. So embrace what you have and make the most of it and invite people over 🙂

I don’t have enough self confidence to host a party

I’ll let you in on a little secret < not many people do if you knew how many others actually faked their ways through entertaining and general things outside of there comfort zones you would be surprised, so fake it to you make it< the saying is true the more you do something the easiest it will be, cliché I know but it does work.

I am to nervous and suffer anxiety

I suffer anxiety as well and a good thing is to be organised, have everything prepared so that you don’t feel the pressure. Stress and pressure will make your anxiety worse, try to relax at the party an except anything that doesn’t go to plan otherwise you will spend the night running around frazzled and then probably question yourself once people have left, it’s not constructive to do that to yourself, so plan plan plan and go with the flow.

It’s to hard, I can’t cook

Simple get it catered for, or if on a budget get everyone to bring a plate. Go for a low key, snags on the BBQ with some easy fruit punch and a salad, simple you can hoax uncle bob into cooking the bbq to haha

A good point to remember, I always push myself out of a comfort zone if it is something I really want to do but am to scared to, if it is something that doesn’t interest me then I won’t bother unless it is a favour for someone else or helping a friend out. My point being if you find it hard to entertain but really want to then the above tips will help you. If you are someone who really isn’t into entertaining then that is fine to, remember we are all different!

Happy entertaining!

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