5 Things You Should No About Hair!

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1. Only put hair conditioner on the ends of your hair not the roots, as it can weigh your hair down and make your scalp oily.

2. For fine hair do a reverse shampoo, where you condition first the shampoo, this will give your hair more body when you blow dry it.

3. If you have had your hair done the day before an event sleep on a silk or satin pillow case, your hair will stay in place a lot better and not sweat as much or go limp.

4. Want to grow your hair quicker, start massaging your scalp regularly like every day or get hubby to do it lol massage stimulates blood flow and blood flow with help the hair cuticles grow.


5. Want healthy shiny hair make sure you eat enough protein. Your hair is made up of protein, eat chicken, lentils, fish and other foods that contain an amino acid that creates keratin, like pork and broccoli.


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