5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Engagement


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You have taken the leap into the world of blogging, or have perhaps been dabbling for a few years, but just cannot seem to get people engaged in your blog content. Here are some simple tips to help you increase your blog engagement:



There are so many forms of social media these days that it can be hard to know what the best option is for you, however Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus tend to be the best for engaging with other individuals. That does not mean you need to jump on all three if time is not in your favour. Follow fellow bloggers, comment on and share their content, and hopefully they will pop over and do the same for you, while building online friendships.



It is a big ask to expect others to visit and comment on your posts if you are not doing the same for others. Make some time each day or week to visit other blogs, and leave genuine, quality comments. A great way to do this is through setting a target, such as visiting five new blogs each week, or more if you have time.



Linky parties are a great way to get your content out the big wide world, while also discovering lots of new bloggers and articles of interest. But what is a linky party? It is a hosted blog post with a link tool that allows you to share a post. All the links added show up as thumbnails that lead to the original post. The idea is to show some support to follow bloggers by visiting several others of interest, so you should get some traffic and interaction as a result of joining in.



There are groups on every social media format, elsewhere online and even in person who share your passion for blogging. Join some groups that suit your interest or niche, or even consider starting your On my way! With blogging friends. Use this forum to learn from, encourage and support one another, while sharing content and increasing your engagement.



Yes this is a bit of an obvious one but do not underestimate the value of quality content and consistent posting for increasing your engagement. Quality brings traffic in time so keep at it and the engagement will hopefully increase in time as your build a readership.


Do you have any great blog engagement tips that work for you?

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