50 Things To Do For Free


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Next time you think to yourself you are bored, or too broke to do anything fun, be sure to pop back and check out this list for great ideas on what to do without spending money. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied, either alone, while spending time with friends and family, or even some unique free date ideas to keep the fun in your relationship.


  1. Go for a walk
  2. Have a movie night at home
  3. Cook a meal using ingredients you already have
  4. Go sightseeing in your own neighbourhood
  5. Read a book
  6. Have a girls night in pamper session
  7. Play board games
  8. Have a boxed set TV show marathon
  9. Learn something new from youtube
  10. Visit the library
  11. Take your lunch outside and have a picnic in the backyard
  12. Participate in a free class
  13. Go for a run/walk/bike ride
  14. Organise an area of your home
  15. Visit family or friends
  16. Have a nap
  17. Take some photographs outdoors
  18. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  19. Make a trip to the beach
  20. Watch street performers
  21. Volunteer your time
  22. Do some gardening
  23. Try a new hairstyle or make up look
  24. Go swimming
  25. Have a clothes swap with friends
  26. Put on music and dance
  27. Paint your nails
  28. Sing loud
  29. Look through photo albums with loved ones
  30. Visit a free local festival
  31. Re-arrange your furniture
  32. Go bushwalking
  33. Write in a journal
  34. Do your favourite hobby at home
  35. Kick a football around with friends
  36. Visit a local park or reserve
  37. Head to a free museum or art gallery
  38. Verse friends at computer/console games
  39. Plan a holiday
  40. Do a puzzle
  41. Go stargazing
  42. Get inspired on Pinterest
  43. Play card games
  44. Learn a new language online
  45. Repurpose an unwanted item in your home
  46. Camp out in your backyard
  47. Write a letter to a loved one
  48. Enjoy some sunshine
  49. Make something crafty
  50. Skype a long distance friend or family member

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