6 Ways To Give When You have Nothing To Give!

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I am sure a lot of families are doing it tough this time of year, lets face it most families do it tough all year long let alone when Christmas comes around and you are expected to have money for gifts and festivities. I think in these situations most parents just want to make sure they having something for their kids under the tree, it is not really an option for a lot to buy gifts for adult friends and extended family.

We have put together a short list of things to give when you have nothing to give, giving doesn’t have to be materialistic things. I can think of nothing better then a friend offering to watch my kids at home for an hour while I work in the home office or a friend popping over for a coffee and chat.

Give A Kind Word

  • Give out kind words, tell someone how nice they look or how smart they are or how much you liked their cooking, a kind word goes a long way.

Give Appreciation

  • Give appreciation for the things you have, the country you live in, even write a list of everything you appreciate. Let someone know how much you appreciate them.

Give Encouragement

  • We all need encouragement, try and encourage anyone you chat with, you will soon see how good it feels to encourage others.

Give Of Your Time

  • Lets face it in today’s age, time is just as scarce as money but if you can help someone out perhaps babysitting for them or making them a meal or even just sitting down and having a coffee with them, that can be a lovely thing to do.

Give a hand written Letter

  • A hand written letter is lovely to receive, and taking the time to write one for a person is a lovely thoughtful gift.

For A loved One

  • Fill a jar with 365 notes, that they can pull one out and read each day for the year.


  • Even if it is just a couple hours out of your time, volunteer in your local community is a great way of giving back to society.


Remember giving doesn’t have to be about much money you have or how much you can purchase. Giving is about giving something of yourself, being thoughtful is one of the best gifts anyone can give X

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