Aeroplane Jelly Lite Tea Infusions !


An old favourite gets a refreshing twist

When TCH was asked to review and try the new Aeroplane Jelly Lite flavours, our childhood memories came rushing back over! You see Aeroplane Jelly now comes in five new refreshing flavours containing natural tea extracts and they are Lite flavours! Now when I heard the word lite straight away I thought there goes the taste. BUT to my surprise I was wrong: With all the benefits of the regular Aeroplane Jelly Lite range – low in sugar and low in calories – the new Aeroplane Jelly Lite Tea Infusions range has a flavour to suit all taste buds. The other bonus you get two sachets in each packet!


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 So what do you do when you are given the awesome range to review? You get your taste buds dancing!

There’s fragrant Peach Tea, refreshing Lemon Tea, delicate Orange Blossom with Green Tea, exotic Raspberry Liquorice with Green Tea and luscious Mixed Berry Tea. All with the addition of natural tea extracts. There are so many recipes you can create with Jelly, and the new Tea Infusions range is perfect for the Kitchen Tea, Desserts, kids snacks and for even the sneaky late night cravings.



The delicate, fragrant flavours also work perfectly in so many delicious afternoon tea treats. Invite your friends around and indulge in an afternoon of peach tea and apricot crumble, lemon peach and raspberry flan, peach tea watermelon salsa or even raspberry, liquorice and passionfruit granita.

And freshen up breakfast time with our mixed berry breakfast trifle. Full of the healthy goodness of tea, flaxseeds, oats, almonds and yoghurt – it’s a great start to the day.


The first recipe we wanted to try was Nannas trifle – Needless to say the end result was DEVOURED, overnight nothing left for the following !

The jelly was a hit and added the extra twist the recipe needed for a revamp. Topped with whipped cream and the sponge and peaches in between.


But all in all we were surprised with the refreshing taste from a lite food product, from both the kids and adults taste buds. And if you have not already be sure to head over to the Aeroplane Jelly website for some recipe inspiration – Like the Peach Tea and Watermelon Salsa


Number of Serves: 8 Prep Time: 15 minutes Set Time: 3-4 hours


1 x 9g sachet Aeroplane Jelly Lite Tea Infusions Peach Tea, made to pack instructions and set

¼ watermelon, diced into 1cm cubes

½ bunch fresh mint, chopped

2 limes, juiced


Crush jelly and mix through watermelon, fresh mint and lime juice then serve.



Visit for more delicious recipes.

The new range of Aeroplane Jelly Lite Tea Infusions is available in Coles, Woolworths and leading independent supermarkets nationally. RRP: $1.89 per pack, containing 2 sachets.


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