Australia Day, Whats On the Menu?


Australia day is big in our house, I have travelled the world and there is no place like Australia, that is for sure!

We always put on a bit of a spread at our house, and these are my go – t0 recipes.


No Fail Potato Bake

10 potatoes

1 sweet potato

2 onions

1 bottle of cream

1 sachet of Masterfoods garlic and herb potato bake

6 rashers of bacon – diced

Grated Cheese

Slice the potato, sweet potato and onion thinly. Heat up the cream and add the sachet of flavouring to it. Place the veges in an oven proof dish, layer each vegetable at a time and adding diced bacon to every layer. Pour over the cream mixture and place in the oven for 1 hour checking on softness every 30 minutes. I always put alfoil over it at this stage of the cooking process. If the veges are soft then take off the alfoil and add cheese to the top and cook until golden brown.


Tropical Coleslaw

Bag of precut Coleslaw

1 tin of Crushed Pineapple – drained of any liquid

Grated Cheese

½ red onion – grated and drained of any liquid

Mayo – 1 cup (Miracle Whip is the best)

You can either use an unused chux cloth or a muslin cloth to drain the red onion and the crushed pineapple of any liquid – the drier the product the longer this will last after making.

Add the pineapple and red onion to the precut Coleslaw mix (I use the pre-packaged bags as its far easier than cutting cabbage and carrot seperately – but you can of course use cabbage and carrot from scratch) Add cheese to the mixture then add the mayo and put in fridge until cold and ready to serve.  This is also an awesome coleslaw mix to use on Jacket Potatoes with sour cream and bacon etc.


Potato Salad

6 Large Potatoes – steamed in small pieces

4 boiled eggs

6 rashers of bacon

1 bunch of spring onions or schallots

Mayo – Miracle Whip is the best

Ensure that the bacon is as crisp as it possibly can be – it will bring lots of flavour to the potato salad. Cut up the spring onions/schallots into thin bits – I mainly use just the dark green parts. Place in a bowl with the potatoes and eggs. Add Mayo and place in fridge until it is nice and cold.  My tip for this is ensure you use a waxy potato as it will make for a creamier potato salad and this is seriously the nicest potato salad you will ever taste in your life and its so easy!!

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Australia Day, Whats On the Menu?

Australia day is big in our house, I have travelled the world...
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