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When I first started blogging I thought it was fine to use any image floating around the web on my blog. I quickly learnt that this is a big No No, you can actually get into quite a bit of legal trouble if caught sharing someone else’s photo on your blog without written permission, even crediting the source where you got it from is not enough.  Copyright laws do apply to blogs.

I read of a case where a blogger shared a photographers photo on her blog, the photographer found out and she actually had to pay him for every day the photo was on her site, an expensive lesson.

So what do you do if you want to add images to your posts?

Well the easiest and best way is to take your own photos, but if that is not an option  you can also purchase stock images to use.

Normally when you first start out, your blogging budget its very small or if we are being honest its probably zip lol So you really don’t want to be spending money if you don’t have to.

Since I have started blogging I have come across a few sites that actually offer FREE stock images, which is awesome! Sometimes it can take a little while to sort through the rubbish photos to find a gem – but they are there.

These are the top 10 sites I have found:

Another great stock site is Dollar Photo Club they are not free but they are only $1 for any photo, which is cheap as far as stock images go.

Dollar photo club, is $1 for any image:

This doesn’t mean that you can not ever share another blogger or creators photos, you just need to contact them first and ask them> If they say yes then it is polite to add the source and even sometimes the link to their site in your post.

It is also wise to check the licensing terms on an image whether you pay for it or not, just to be on the safe side.

I hope you found this post helpful, do you know any other Free stock image sites? If so please share in the comments below X



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