Blogging Tips – How To Make Your Images Stand Out!


I often get asked what programs / apps I use to edit my photos.

So I thought I would share the little gems I have found with you. You don’t need a blog or business to use them, you can create family pictures and all sorts of wonderful things with them.

Pic Monkey

First up is Pic Monkey, this program is really simple to use, it is FREE unless you want the extras and then it is approx. $39.95 for the year. You can spend hours on here, retouching photographs, creating logos etc. I also like that they release new designs for different seasons. You can check Pic Monkey out here: below are some examples of artwork created with pic Monkey:

pictures         brace77                                                      picc



Canva is a great program to use, especially if you are not super creative, they take the hard work out for you with their 100s of accessible templates to choose from.

Canva is FREE unless you use any of their photos, which are then $1 each. Canva also  has ready made templates for all social media including Instagram which was only launched recently. You can visit Canva here: below are some examples used from Canva:

WIN (9)          DECOR                                                   Giveaway (3)



Polyvore is a great program that is used by a lot of beauty and fashion bloggers, it is great for creating mood boards and also offers a lot of fashion inspiration.  There are loads of different templates and you can also create your own. You can check Polyvore out here: and below are some examples created using Polyvore:

junefds      junessaa   junessan


The next couple of editing programs are easy apps to use on your phone, I use these when in a hurry, or to post onto Instagram / social media:

A Beautiful Mess

I love this app it is available on both apple and android phones. I find it is great for adding text and quotes over pictures, this is definitely an app to check out you can do so by clicking here: Below are a few pictures created with this app:

beautifulmess3    beautifulmess4    beautiful mess1 beautiful mess 5                                                              beautifulmess 2

rhonna designs

Great little phone app, good for quotes and boraders, I havnt overly used this app if I am honest but I know a few bloggers who use it quite a bit, you can check it out here: below are a few images I have used it for, although I have not used this app to the full potential yet:

ronna1     ronna2                                   ronna

Swag Words

This is a great app for turning your words into photo designs. Unfortunately it is only available on apple and I now have an android phone. I know plenty of bloggers that use this app and love it, you can check it out here:

There are loads more apps and programs out their to use, and I have only briefly touched on them above. Really the possibilities are endless with what you can create. Do you use any other apps or programs that you would like to share? We would love to hear about them in the comments below. Happy Creating! X


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