Committing to a Handmade Christmas

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With the end of the year already in sight, many of us are starting to consider the festive season and how much we need to organise before Christmas rolls around. For some of us, this may come with a lot of stress too, as we consider the financial impact the Christmas period can have on our budget.

Christmas can be an expensive time of year if you let it, and so many of us do, because we want to enjoy a wonderful feast with our families, but we also often like to give gifts as well.

Last year I committed to a 100% handmade Christmas for my family. What this meant was giving only handmade gifts to everyone. These gifts were handmade by me and they took a substantial amount of time to create, not only due to the size of my family, but also in the creation process.

A handmade christmas can be a great way to cut the costs of gifts and the reduce the commercial aspect of the seasons of giving. Most people appreciate the thought and effort that goes into creating a handmade gift. Plus there is a really low chance of a double up gift too.

The most useful tool I found in planning my handmade Christmas was utilising Pinterest. There is no other site so full of DIY and handmade projects, so it is the perfect place to go for inspiration and tutorials.

Before you start, it helps to work out a rough idea as to the interests and likes of each person you are creating a gift for, your handmade supplies budget and of course your capabilities. If you have never used a power tool in your life, maybe avoid trying to build your kids a cubby house without help. Instead consider what you are good at and work to your strengths.

Start early so you have plenty of time to create your gifts. Sometimes it can be tricky finding certain supplies or there is that possibility that something doesn’t turn out as well as you had planned. This happened to me so I had to adjust my plans for a couple of presents.

In the end, my family loved the handmade gifts they received last Christmas in because in most cases they were display based items, they are mostly all on display in their homes, which is a lovely reminder of your effort.

Are you committing to a handmade Christmas this year?

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