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As I work from home, my 2 little ones have to go to day care a couple times a week. It has taken us a while to find a lovely day as we have had a couple bad experiences in the past.

We recently moved areas, and the thought of having to move day cares again after previously finding a good one, was  really daunting.

We were lucky enough that the first one we looked at was fantastic and right down the road, the carers are excellent and the kids really love them.

I normally buy an end of year gift for each of  their teachers. This year though I wanted to give something little to all the teachers, even the ones that don’t look after my 2. The whole centre is really lovely and everyone is always stopping for a chat, opening doors for you or assisting in any way they can, even though they don’t have to.

It is not really financially viable to purchase 18 different gifts, so I got busy looking on Pinterest for some inspiration and came across  Cookies In A Jar.


I thought this would be a perfect little sentimental gift for the kids to give out, and best part is, the kids can help!

To make them simply

Fill a mason jar or other jar with:

1 1/2 cups self raising flour

4 Tablespoons of sugar, you can use brown to if you like.

Then the fun part fill the rest of the jar with either, M & Ms, Smarties, Marshmallows, choc chips, coconut, oats, etc.

Pop the lid on and screw tight.

Tip: I use a funnel to pour ingredients in the jar it is a lot neater.

On the instruction card, it states what needs to be added to the jar ingredients, along with all other information needed to cook them.

FREE Printables:


Simply stick the A4 printables paper onto some thin cardboard and cut out each printable. There are 3 designs to choose from and also an ingredients and instructions card, you can either stick that on the back of the jar or back of the main tag.

Once you have cut them out, you can either glue directly onto the jar or use a whole punch with a bit or ribbon like I have done in the picture.



There are endless ideas that you can do, and you don’t have to use my recipe simply google cookie recipes and a lot of different varieties will come up, and check out our pinterest boards for more inspiration.

We have made 2 of the printables aimed at teachers and one with a standard Merry Christmas tag, that would make a lovely gift for a neighbour or even to have on hand for people who drop in around Christmas time.


Do you have any other good ideas for teachers gifts this year? Would love to hear them, leave a comment below X


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