Cooking With Flowers

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I love flowers, especially bright coloured ones. I love growing them, picking them and most of all receiving them (hubby if you are reading this, hint hint) lol

Recently I have been using flowers in cooking and garnishing, i really love the vibrancy they had to a plate.


Not all flowers are edible and it is important to know which ones are safe for you to eat. some flowers have been known to make people really sick when ingested.

These are a few tips on edible flowers:

  • Never use pesticides or other chemicals on any part of the plant.
  • Avoid picking edible flowers from the side of roads.
  • it is best to either grow them yourself or speak to a florist or supplier that deals with restaurants.

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Below is a list of edible flowers, there are a lot more varieties then this but this is a basic guide:

Edible Flowers

  • Amaranth Burgundy (grains)
  • Bachelor’s Button (garnish)
  • Bee Balm Dotted Mint (float in punch, garnish for salads)
  • Calendula (peppery, colourful salad garnish)
  • Carnations (cake decoration)
  • Coreopsis Plains Dwarf Bicolour (decorative in salads)
  • Dianthus (spicy clove taste)
  • English Daisy (garnish, salads)
  • Hibiscus (citrus/cranberry flavour)
  • Hollyhock (garnish, salads, colour for sandwiches)
  • Lavender (flavoured sugar, beverages, desserts, garnish, dried stalks as vegetable skewers. Also great in scones)
  • Marigolds Signet (Lemon/Tangerine Blend – lemony flavour)
  • Nasturtium (hot and peppery, beautiful spicy addition to salads)
  • Snap Dragon (garnish)
  • Sunflowers (green buds are edible, petals nice for garnish, seeds when mature)
  • Pansy (candied, cake decoration, salads)
  • Violet (candied, cake decoration, salads)
  • Roses (check with your florist. rose petals make lovely rose water as well for cooking)
  • Zuchini flowers (great stuffed with different chesses)

I hope you found this post useful, and remember if in doubt always ask a professional. Have you ever cooked with flowers? Leave a message and let us know what flowers you have cooked with xx

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