Ditch The Bum Bag And Get A Hips Sister!


I received one of these Hips Sister belts in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
Hips Sister are super cool belts that you can store your phone, lip gloss, money, cards and anything else you need while you are exercising or out and about. Gone are the days of the daggy bum bag yay!
Hip sisters work like a stretch belt that you wear around your waste, it has a zip section for you to store your stuff in so you are hands free.
They come in 3 sizes and a range of colours, and get this FREE shipping Australia wide!
I wish I had one of these when I was in India, would have made travel a lot easier.
I can see Hip Sisters as being a regular wardrobe staple for every woman, do yourself a favour and pop over to the site and try one out.
For more information or to order hip sisters you can check them out here:

So ditch the Bum Bag and get a Hips Sister! X

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