Dyson V6 Absolute Review


I will be honest before I begin: I am a Dyson FAN! For the last six years I have owned a Dyson, and I would not go to another brand when it comes to vacuums. I swear by my Dyson. WHY? because they get the job done with no BS – My current Dyson I have had for 6 years and is an upright model, within that 6 years I have not had one issue with it. So when we were asked to review the NEW V6 Absolute Handstick model I jumped at the opportunity.


As a mum of six when this baby arrived I was ready to give it a go! Now being a Handstick version I had my doubts: How was it going to go on my floorboards, charge, power, capacity, and durability. Honestly there seem to be nothing of it. How was this vacuum going to handle my household?

Needless to say I was not disappointed, I was again IMPRESSED! And since we have had the V6 Absolute I have not needed to pull out the upright I have stored in my laundry cupboard. WHY? Let me take you on a journey of a housewife:

Its 10am I have walked back in the door with Mr 2 after doing the school drop off. I walk back in to the aftermath of an every morning routine, dirt through the house from shoes (Even though we have a rule of no shoes inside – Go figure!), toast crumbs under the table, Mr 2 has left food scraps on the floor near the bin (he is trying…) and then the odd crushed weetbix on the floor near the bench where they have missed the bowls whilst CRUNCHING!

BUT mum will fix, I know I know they are old enough but honestly 6 children in the morning, all rushing to be on time for school, we all try our best. BUT back to the housework! Normally it is a quick dash around make the beds, wash up, get the washing on the line and THEN pull out the Dyson, unwind the cord then begin to do the floors. NOPE not anymore! Not since the Dyson V6 Absolute came into my life.



No cords to unwind. Its Cordless! HELLO… first step to making my life easier and housework faster… It is a one hand job, yes one hand as it only weighs 2.2kg…  The Dyson cordless vacuums is different. Thanks to the Dyson digital motor V6, they are small, light and powerful.



I take the V6 out of its docking station where it is stored on the wall in the laundry, which in fact charges the little gem at the same time, and commence operation : Morning Floor Cleans!

Yes I said FLOORS with an ‘s’, because she comes with two Dyson-engineered cleaner heads: Large debris to fine dust, Carpets to hard floors. So we are good to roll on the floorboards and not have to worry about scratches, an entirely re-invented cleaner head, picks up large debris and fine dust all at once.  AND we are going to clean the carpet efficiently, the direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper into carpet to remove even more dirt. Check it out for yourself :



Just quietly did you see how easy the head turns? But not only that how light they are to push? Well that maybe a bit hard to see that, BUT take my word for it, with the light weight, soft roller and the versatility, cleaning the floors have become less of a chore! Even the hygienic bin emptying: Its a matter of pushing the red button and release the dirt straight into the rubbish bin. DONE, quickly and hygienically.


Speaking of impressive features: Lets not forget the Dyson-designed tools to remove dust, dirt and allergens from hard-to-reach places around the home. Including your window and sliding door tracks, even your blinds !





Now cordless vacuums never have a great run-time. BUT I was impressed that with the Dyson V6 Absolute we did get 20 minutes run time. Dyson thought the concept well and the V6 has a trigger grip that releases instantly, so battery power is only used for cleaning.

Overall I would happily recommend the Dyson V6 to everyone and anyone (ask my family, I don’t shut up about it !) If you would like any more information be sure to heads over to the Dyson website : http://www.dyson.com.au/vacuum-cleaners/handstick/dyson-v6/absolute.aspx

Honestly you will not be disappointed!


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