Everything You Need To Get Through Cocktail Season!


Ok I admit it I don’t think there is such a thing as cocktail season, anytime is a good time for cocktails unless you are driving, then that’s not cool!

If you are anything like me you will find any excuse to have a cocktail, you had a rough day, your fish died, you bought a new fish or you had fish and chips for dinner any excuse will do!

So today I am going to show the little gems I have found when it comes to making a great cocktail!

First up is this awesome Ebook “How to host the perfect cocktail party” by Mr and Mrs Romance, believe me this will be the best $12.95 you will spend in your drinking life.

I loved this ebook so much I even bought it twice (due to losing the first copy somewhere in my computer) haha I am not tech savvy at all! Anyway I didn’t think twice about purchasing it again because it is jammed packed with so much useful information. I love that each cocktail has gorgeous images and easy to follow steps.




Images courtesy of www.mrandmrsromance.com

I printed my copy out then had it bound and covered at Officeworks for $3.50 and now it sits on my cooking stand in the kitchen for easy access come 5pm every day weekends.

For more information or to purchase click here: http://mrandmrsromance.com/how-to-host-the-perfect-cocktail-party-ebook


IMG_0891 (Small)


Next up is this great  Cocktail kit from Milan Direct on line.

I have 2 of these kits one is well used already, they have everything you need for starting out.

You can purchase these kits and other cocktail products by clicking here: http://www.milandirect.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=cocktail

IMG_0898 (Small)


And lastly you must have some great glass wear, I am really into mason jars at the moment and if you click on the picture you will see where I have purchased mine.


Oh and check out this super yummy Baileys Frappe Cocktail I made last week, so good!

Click on the image for recipe.


Do you have a favourite cocktail? If so share in the comments, we are always looking for new mixes X


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