Get Active Without A Gym Membership


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Physical activity is essential to our health and fitness. It is also proven to boost our mood, productivity and overall sense of wellbeing. Yet many of us are not getting anywhere near the amount of physical activity we should be getting. On top of that, gym memberships and fitness classes are expensive, and not all of us have the time (or motivation) to go.

Instead of throwing away cash on a gym membership you may use three times, here are some great tips for increasing physical activity in our everyday lives. So simple you may not even notice it!



If you have an option of lift or stairs, choose the stairs. Half the time it is quicker anyway than waiting for a lift (unless you are headed to the top of a sky rise building, then maybe take the lift). A few flights of stairs are perfect for working those legs and butt muscles.



Pets are a fabulous way to increase movement. Dogs need walking, cats love chasing things. Even a game of fetch can be a great way to increase the heart rate. Not only that, but your pets benefit too.



If you have kids you will know how much they love some fun in the sun. Kick a ball around, take them to the playground, throw a frisbee. Whatever it may be, it has you all getting fitter and sharing quality time together.



If you are within walking distance to your local shop or even the post box, consider leaving the car at home and walking instead. Alternatively, riding a bike is a great option too.



Oh yes, it sounds crazy but it really does have benefits. Physical chores like hanging washing, vacuuming and dusting all get the body moving. Next time you are cleaning, put on some music to fool yourself into thinking you are actually having fun and embrace the exercise that you are getting while you work.

What is your favourite way to boost your heart rate for free?


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