Host A Kids Party On A Budget!

happy kids celebrating birthday holiday

My kids have gone to 11 parties this year between them. I have seen everything from jumping castles to the whole cast of Frozen entertaining a room full of toddlers < true story.
I can’t ever remember parties so extravagant when I was a child, we were lucky enough to have pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey if it was good pay week lol

I  have the fondest memories of my birthday parties, always fun and always special regardless of the cost.
Children’s parties don’t have to cost a lot, here are our top tips for hosting a party on a budget.

Keep it simple, fairy bread, little sausages and fruit platters. If kids are kept busy playing you will find they won’t sit around a table eating. Have enough water or cordial on hand as well.
Ask family to bring a plate if adults are attending, a batch of scones is cheap and quick to make, with a cup of tea or coffee perfect for parents.

Joint Parties
If you would like something a bit more extravagant eg The full frozen cast, then perhaps get together with a couple of mums whose children have a birthday in the same month and do a joint party to save on costs.

The key to a good party s loads of games, this doesn’t have to cost anything. All you need is some music for dancing, singing and games like statues are a hit with kids.
Hire toys from Library if you are having a toddler party, kids will love the variety.

No need for an expensive cake, Aldi have cake mixes for 79cents, make a couple and ice in bright colours, kids will love them.

Lolly Bags
Instead of sending the kids home with a bag full of sugar, why not purchase bubble wands, places like Big W have the for $1.00 each. Kids will have hours of fun without the hypo from sugar.

Shop The Sales
Plan ahead keep an eye out for cheap party supplies and pop in the cupboard for later. Toys on sale make great pass the parcel prizes.

Do you have any budget saving ideas when it comes to parties? What d you think is a good amount to spend on a 5 year olds party?


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