HP Envy 5540 Review & Giveaway

HP ENVY 5540 review and giveaway - the colourful housewife

I am the first to say it in our household: “You cannot fight technology!” You can control it but you cannot fight it. In the day and age we live in you need to grow with the technology, as much as most of us would love to go back to just pen and paper (and don’t get me wrong I sometimes think we get lost) BUT the ease technology has brought to our lives I am not going to bypass, and I will be honest!

HP is my go to brand for printers, always has been. (I am currently writing this post on my HP Desktop) WHY always HP? It’s the accessibility always available at your leading retailers, the cost effective nature that surrounds the company: not only the printer itself but the ink cartridges, you get value for your money and quality, and that is the bottom line, for me I’m sold!

So as a mum to six YES six, along with three businesses run from home our printer/s get a work out and a half: From homework, assessment tasks, our accounts, invoices, photos, bills, the weekly shopping list (yes I print my shopping list..) daily work needs, printing is endless in our household (Yes we only print what we need to).

So when we were asked to trial and review the HP ENVY 5540, I was onto it, thrilled as it’s a brand I am familiar (as well as hubby and the kids) with in my each and everyday life. Though I did have my doubts as it is a smaller model to the one I was currently using: the HP Officejet 8600.

But we gave it a run to see if it could handle our crazy busy household…

The first and most important feature for us was the wireless capability. I need a printer that I can set up as a hub for the family. In one central location (the office) that each computer/device can still print from.

HP ENVY 5540 review and giveaway - the colourful housewife

Yes I mentioned devices not just computers! Print lab-quality photos and more from anywhere. All you need is your iPhone/iPad using AirPrint, or from smartphones and tablets running Android, Windows 8, and Google Chrome operating systems. With Wireless Direct Printing, you can also easily print from your smartphone and tablet—without connecting to a network—anywhere in your home. You can find out more about this feature here.

HP ENVY 5540 review and giveaway - the colourful housewife

Ink quality I am happy with and costing: I paid $28 for a black ink cartridge and got 198 sheets (this was not the XL cartridges which to my knowledge was approx 600 sheets). AND it is only two cartridges you are replacing NOT four, so the black and the tricolour.

Paper features: Loved the enclosed paper trays (auto extension output tray) very convenient and handy, along with Micro dot gloss finish – so no more fingerprints!

HP ENVY 5540 review and giveaway - the colourful housewife

I am very pleased to say the HP ENVY 5540 measures up! From print quality in photo prints, to printer and ink value, the RRP of the HP ENVY 5540 is $119. BUT another awesome feature I want to mention that my 4 and 8 year old loved was the HP printables feature.

HP ENVY 5540 review and giveaway - the colourful housewife

We were able to gain access to a wide range of contents including colouring pages, greeting cards, news, marketing materials and more. All in which we were able to simply print them directly from the HP ENVY 5540.

HP ENVY 5540 review and giveaway - the colourful housewife

You can find out more here.

Overall the HP ENVY 5540 All-in-One printer is a clean, minimalist design that is ideal for the connected household, this space-saving printer features an easy way to print from a smartphone or tablet and lab-quality photos, creative projects, hobbies and business documents, while keeping printing costs low. We do highly recommend the HP Envy 5540 and very happy to welcome to our hectic busy home.

HP ENVY 5540 review and giveaway - the colourful housewife

Features Overview:
• Express yourself and add a creative touch to all your tasks. Affordably produce stunning color photos that dazzle and sharp documents you can count on.
Get high-quality prints—time after time—with an all-in-one designed and built to be reliable.
Print more pages for less with Original HP high-yield ink cartridges.
• Spend your time creating, not waiting. Easily print borderless, lab-quality 4×6-inch color photos without changing paper, and get free access to an array of content right from your printer.
Be sure your projects always look good. Print borderless, lab-quality photos and laser-quality documents.
The built-in photo tray lets you print 4×6-inch photos in brilliant color without changing paper.
Print remotely without worries—the auto-deploying output tray keeps your pages from landing on the floor.
Access coloring pages, crosswords, and more with free HP Printables—delivered on your schedule.
• Get right to your next project with the easiest way to print from your smartphone or tablet. Set up this all-in-one in a flash, and automatically print from the right paper tray for photos or documents.
Snap. Print. Enjoy. Easily print lab-quality photos from a variety of smartphones and tablets
Start printing and get connected quickly with easy setup from your smartphone, tablet, or PC
Manage printing tasks and scan from your mobile device with a free HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app.
Connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer—and easily print without accessing a network.
• Enjoy the freedom to create with an all-in-one that’s easy to use. Produce borderless, lab-quality photos, and manage tasks conveniently on the 2.2-inch (5.5 cm) display.
Print photo projects, or scan and copy documents, using the 2.2-inch (5.5 cm) graphics touchscreen display.
Easily print at up to 12 pages per minute (ppm) for black-and-white and 8 ppm for color.
Print in any room you choose—without causing disruptions—using the optional quiet mode.
Save paper and conserve resources—consume up to 50% less paper with easy automatic two-sided printing

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You could win a HP Envy 5540 for yourself!! Simply comment below and let us know your biggest struggle with technology.

The winner will be drawn 01.03.2016 and notified via a reply in the comments.

Please note this is a game of skill not chance, judges decision is final.

Note the giveaway has now been extended until 01/03/2016

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  • Apps. I struggle to see the point to or for them. I have a brain and can self source information, and retain it too, without downloading this magical thing in the ether, to be the brain I wasn’t born with.

  • Using my glorious mobile telephone aka gadget that does it all and more, WHILE OUTSIDE. I struggle to see a single, solitary thing on the screen. Even when placed in the shade, or shaded by hand, they’re useless outdoors and I struggle with that because what if there’s an emergency? The glare, and natural light makes viewing them therefore using them, redundant.

  • My biggest struggle is trying to teach people who have never been interested in current technology who suddenly want to use the newest gadgets. They want to connect the internet to everything and the kitchen sink. There’s little chance of success and I struggle for patience in explaining in these situations!

  • My biggest struggle is buying printer ink when it runs out! Unsure which one to buy. I tend to go down to the internet cafe and print my documents there, very inconvenient and annoying..

  • The system update negates the accounting program. The new accounting then won’t install.
    ‘Word’ somehow vanishes. Now can’t work the printer at all!…
    My biggest hassle with computing is the software throwing endless curved balls!

  • My struggles include:

    Computer: Press any key to continue.
    Me: Where’s the any key.

    Me to mom: Your great aunt just passed away. LOL
    Mom: Why is that funny?
    Me: It’s not funny, what do you mean.
    Mom: You wrote LOL
    Me: Yeah thats Lots of Love.
    Mom: It means laugh out loud.

  • My biggest struggle with technology include:
    1. Installing dvd player
    2. Installing wifi connection
    3. Believe it or not – sending an email.
    4. Trying to find channel 72 on the tv when the tennis was on. I couldn’t find out how to switch channels to 72.
    5. But my biggest struggle is using a GPS. When I wanted to go to a particular street. I had no idea that the street had another street with the same name. With the luck I had I went to the wrong street. Another time my GPS told me to go straight when I couldn’t and there was no way of going straight because if I did I would have drove straight onto a park.

  • I never know which cable plugs what into where so the idea of wireless printing from all devices without multiple cables is very appealing

  • Keeping everything clean! I am always apprehensive about cleaning everything from the keypads to the iPad display. There must be a simple way to clean!

  • My biggest struggle is remembering all those passwords. I already have to remember credit card pin numbers. Now on top of that I have to remember Facebook and Hotmail passwords. But wait there’s a trick but it comes at a cost. You can get your computer to automatically save the passwords but the cost is your family tends to login to your Facebook and post silly status like, ‘I will cook better tonight’.

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