Kmart Home Décor – Best buys for under $10


Have you been into Kmart lately? Wowsers is all I can say, they are right on point with there home décor products. They must have a new buying team as they have stepped up the décor game for sure!

What I love about Kmart is the fact you can purchase on trend items for little dollars, which means you can update the look of your home without breaking the bank.

This is the first of  our best kmart buys series – kmart buys for under $10.00. Over the next few weeks will be sharing some of our favourite on trend items and ideas on styling them , you will be amazed what some people can do with a Kmart buy.

First up we have this gorgeous queen bed spread, can you believe it is only $10.00? Click here to view and purchase: Bed spread














These cushions are a steal at $7.00. View and purchase here: Pillows

under $10 3













These canisters come also with the chalk labels fantastic! Check them out here: Chalk

under $10 kmart buys












These geometric tea lights are super cool and cheap as chips! Purchase here: Tea lights

under $10 1













Groovy wall light – yep under $10.00 I know crazy right? Purchase here: Wall Light

under $10













Silver bowl, would make an awesome salad or fruit bowl. Purchase here: Silver bowl

under $10 7













These pineapples are a steal check them out here: Pineapples

undeer 10 11












Can you believe this canvas in under $10.00 amazing! purchase here: Stag canvas

under $10v













And lastly this set of 3 milk bottles how cute! You can purchase here: Milk bottles

under $10 5













And there you have our round up of Kmarts best buys this month for under $10.00. Its amazing even if you bought everything on this page it would still come in under $100, now that’s a bargain!

Do you have any Kmart finds you would like to share with us? Leave a comment and let us know X

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