Love Lollies But Not the calories? Check out our 2 Ingredient Low Cal Lollies!

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I love lollies more then chocolate actually, I can easily get through a pack of Allen’s Party Mix in one sitting!


Lollies can be pretty high in calories, so this is what I make for those days that I really feel like some sweets.

This recipe is super easy you can use any molds you like, I purchased some Gummy Bear molds which are super cute (the kids love) from etzy:

Sugar Free (1)


All you need is:

250 Mills of boiling water

1 packet Sugar Free jelly

3 Teaspoons of powder gelatine



Add the powder gelatine to the jelly crystals

Pour in boiling water and stir briskly until all dissolved

pour straight into moulds and refrigerate

Leave in fridge to firm for 4-5 hours

Pop them out into a container


Sugar Free


The lollies stay pretty firm once out of the fridge, they never really last that long in our house anyway haha

For different colours use different flavour jellies. Do you think you will give this a go? X




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