How To Make LCM Bars!

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These are a simple and cost effective way to make LCM bars.

I must admit I have never really given our kids muesli or sweet bars to eat, but I had a friend request these, so I set about making them. So Simple to make!

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You will need:

1 Packet of marshmallows  ( I used Allens)

80 grams of butter

5 Cups of Rice bubbles

2 tablespoons of 100s and 1000s

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  • Place marshmallows and butter into microwave bowl and cook  on high for 50 seconds
  • Add the rice bubbles to the marshmallow mix
  • Mix well and pour mixture into a tray lined with baking paper
  • Spread the mixture out evenly and sprinkle 100s and 1000s on top
  • Pop in fridge and let set for 3 hours
  • Slice and enjoy!

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You can add mini m and m’s as well, but I figure there s enough sugar in them for a kids treat already. Do you buy bars for your kids lunch boxes?


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