Making The Moments Count


Life gets busy and sometimes we find ourselves flying through days… weeks… months at a time with barely a blur of a memory of what they have consisted of. Whether it be because we are working long hours, or busy being a parent, or that tricky combo of both of these. Or maybe we have other life stressors at play, keeping us so busy we have barely a chance to pause.

Then sometimes something will happen unexpectedly that knocks the wind right out of us. Something that we had no chance to plan for. This can come in many forms, such as a major life change like losing your job or falling into debt, or those much more personal losses of losing a loved one or discovering yourself or someone you care about has major health concerns. Whatever form it may take, these unexpected moments can hit us hard and leave us full of regrets or what ifs.

Instead of waiting until the drastic and the unexpected happens, be sure to take time for yourself and those who are important to you. Sometimes me make ourselves busier than we need to be and it is a matter of stepping back and simplifying so that we do have time for those things that mean the most.

Make time to play with your children and ask them about their day. Be a fun mum and make memories, not excuses. Create opportunities to bond with your partner. Put in the effort to call your friends and catch up, check in that they are doing okay so guarantee they will be there in case you need them in future. Our relationships with everyone in our life require nurturing, including our relationship with ourselves.

When you are 80, you won’t be remembering the great job you did on that work project when you were 30, or the fact that you managed to fit twice as much in your day as the average person. Nope, you will be thinking of the fun you had teaching your kids how to make cookies, or holding your first grandchild. You will want to remember the laughs you had with your best friend and the holiday you took with your partner when you celebrated your 10th wedding anniversary. These are the moments in life that count most so make sure you are not neglecting them for the sake of being busy.

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