Choosing a car seat is not an easy decision, you have so many questions to ask:

  • What type of car seat do you need?
  • Does your car have the features to fit the car seat?
  • What are the current laws on car seats?
  • How do you fit the car seat and secure your child properly?
  • Will it fit comfortably in my car accommodating other children / passengers?
  • Comfort for your child?
  • But most of all SAFETY features!



So when we were asked to review the Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT convertible car seat, we were pretty keen to answer the important questions our readers will want answered.

To say the least Miss 1 was pretty chuffed and too excited to try the RED Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT convertible car seat out. The package arrived after miss had had her bath late Monday afternoon, we opened the huge box and she was wanting to jump straight in to the car and take it for a test (Before I had a chance to even install) either way we were going for a drive that night!



Now according to a report by Essential Baby

“Road accidents are the major cause of deaths in children under 14 years, and research has found that about 60 percent of children are incorrectly restrained in their seats. Common errors can involve the tether strap not being connected, the seatbelt incorrectly threaded or not buckled, or the anchorage point being used the wrong way”

There is no reason for that percentage to be so high if a little more care is taken.

One week prior to receiving the car seat we had a phone call from a fitting specialist, whom were making an appointment to come out to me to fit the new car seat correctly. Now I am a mum of 6 and you think I would have it down packed installing a car seat? WRONG laws and car designs are constantly changing – Yeah sure I could do it myself, but not confidently and safely to my ease of mind. This had ticked the first box for me with Maxi-Cosi – Having safe installation as a priority.


But there is a lot more safety features I want to highlight about the Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT. The most obvious was when we got the seat it did not feel like others we have had in the past, it is offering state of the art technology ISOGO and GCELL, along with Air Protect it is also the first in Australia: ISOFIX compatible car seat. AND “Cool baby” wicking fabric, keeping baby cool and comfortable.

But for those still scratching your head asking what is ISOGO, GCELL, ISOFIX and Air Protect and how will these help keep my baby safe?

“ISOGO is a patented ISOFIX compatible soft latch system, which enables you to secure your child’s car seat quickly and safely in 3 simple steps. GCELL is next generation, crash absorbing technology that provides a crumple zone for enhanced side full body protection. Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection is specifically designed to shield your child’s head from side impact forces through the precise release of air. GCELL and Air Protect provide the ultimate in side impact protection. ISOGO gives you confidence your seat is always correctly installed.” You can read more here about ISOGO.

For me as a parent this is a stand out feature and I would feel my child will travel safest in a seat like the Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT. Comfort is certainly taken to the next level!

I now want to outline the other features/accessories that make up the Maxi-Cosi for our readers:

  • High back car seat protector mat with insulated drink pocket
  • Infant seat insert
  • Padded belt mates
  • Easy-use independent latching buckle
  • 6-point safety harness and tether strap
  • 3 adjustable recline base positions
  • Luxurious machine washable covers
  • QuickFit Harness System adjusts harness height from the front in one easy step without removing the seat from the car
  • Rearward facing up to 30 months or until the shoulders reach the Middle height marker. Forward facing up to 4 years or until the shoulders reach the upper height marker.
  • 5 adjustable head rest positions

Size is always another question after safety and comfort for your child when it comes to shopping for a car seat. BUT with all the accessories/comfort and safety features the Max-Cosi Euro NXT is full of, sizing is not an issue. With two other children needing car restraints as well in our family, I was easily able to fit the Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT plus two booster seats side by side, comfortably accessing seat belts and doors closing with ease.


Overall: Jam packed with safety, comfort and loads of features I would recommend a Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT to family, friends and our readers. I myself have now replaced our previous car seat with the Max-Cosi Euro NXT as I am convinced it is a lot safer and know firsthand comfort is an understatement!

To view the Maxi-Cosi range including the Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT you can visit the website here:

The Maxi- Cosi Euro NXT is available at all good retailers nationally, $649 rrp. Visit to view the range.

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