Finding ‘Me Time’ When You Have Kids

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As a mother to one or more children, sometimes things can get a little crazy and exhausting. From babies and toddlers who demand almost constant attention, to bigger kids who have school drop off, pick up and extra curricular activities that keep you on the go, there is no denying motherhood can get hectic.

However it is so important to take a little time out for yourself now and then, to recharge the batteries and refresh. In fact, taking a few minutes to yourself every day is a really great way to avoid burn out, and there are plenty of ways you can do this.


Winding down before bed with a good book for 15 minutes is a nice way of taking a little ‘me time’. Once the kids are in bed and the to do list for the day is done, it can be really wonderful to lose yourself in a little fiction or expand the mind learning something new. You may even be able to sneak in a few minutes during nap time or when the kids are otherwise occupied.


Life can fly by so fast when we are busy and it can be easy to forget the days gone by. Keeping a journal can be a nice way of remembering all those day to day moments, events and milestones, but also helps us to take a few minutes to release all that is floating around in our busy minds.


If you have a little extra time up your sleeve, or a wonderful partner who understands your need for a break, a relaxing bubble bath can be an amazing me time option at home. You may want to light some candles, take a glass of bubbly or chocolate, and even take that book you are currently reading for some total chill out time.


If you are anything like me, you may have a cupboard full of lovely lotions and creams that you are saving for a special day or just have not gotten around to using. Well stop hoarding and start enjoying them. Take some time to use that yummy smelling body butter or apply that expensive face cream, paint your toenails bright pink and enjoy taking some time to make yourself feel good.


If you have the opportunity, have a day each week when you either go to bed a little earlier or have a sleep in. The extra rest can be a wonderful way to recharge and refresh, even if you are simply spending an extra half hour doing absolutely nothing but resting. You will be amazed how big a difference such a little change can make to that much needed ‘me time’.

Taking time for you each week and even each day is essential to feeling our best. It also helps us prepare for those times when life gets extra busy. Do you have any other great ‘me time’ suggestions?

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