Melbourne Cup Savvy Style

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The Spring racing season is upon us here in Australia and this may mean you have at least one racing themed function coming up over the next few weeks. Melbourne Cup is a popular event Australia-wide with most restaurants, clubs and pubs putting on some form of event, even if you can’t attend the big race in person.

And an event known for its fashion and not just for its horses means time to step up your style.

But not all of us have the budget to go out and splurge on a super flashy new coordinating outfit and jaw dropping hat. In fact, most of us simply can’t afford to do that at the best of times, let alone for one day out. So how do you rock your Melbourne Cup style without breaking the bank?

You need to get a little creative!

Here are some hot tips for fabulous frocking up without spending much:


Check your wardrobe for an older dress or outfit that was gorgeous at the time and is totally deserving of a second chance to shine. Black or white can be easy colours to go with everything and if you know it fit well then, with any luck, it will look fabulous on you again now. And there is hopefully less chance of you turning up to your event wearing the same thing as someone else.


Good with a sewing machine? Try your hand at a Cinderella-esque makeover on an existing outfit by adding a few extra bits here or removing some bits there. Or simply adding some embellishments to a hat or handbag can be a great way to add some extra style too.


Can’t afford the full outfit but perhaps a few bold accessories is within your budget. A new pair of shoes, a bit hat or some costume jewellery may be all you need to jazz up your outfit for the big day.


If you have a friend or relative who is the same size as you, consider asking them if you can borrow one of their outfits. This means no one has seen you in the outfit before, plus you aren’t spending a thing. And you may even be able to do an exchange and lend your friend one of your outfits as well. What a great way to get more wear out of a favourite outfit.

With some creativity and thrifty thinking, you can rock out Melbourne Cup in complete style!

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