Mums’ Hopes and Wishes Around The Globe



As a parent you only want the best for your child. But what do you hope for them?

The Hopes and Wishes survey (a poll carried out by major brand Fisher Price) revealed that mums, want to strike a balance between IQ and EQ.

The findings revealed new trends with mums placing an emphasis on developing EQ (character traits) over IQ, and putting love over education as most important for their child’s development.


The study:

Fisher-Price™ reveals new insight into Australian mums’ hopes and wishes for their children. A new video, starring Aussie mum and TV presenter Jules Sebastian, launches in the wake of the Fisher-Price™ Mums’ Hopes and Wishes survey, an international study revealing mums’ approach to parenting from around the world.

Joining Jules are Fisher-Price™ experts paediatrician Dr Katie Heathershaw and midwife Natasha Boschetti, who show how in our high-pressure, fast-paced society Aussie mums are shifting their focus to a more balanced perspective of what constitutes their child’s bright future. Jules reveals through her own experience how the survey findings relate to her, and the Fisher-Price™ experts, through their experience working with a plethora of Australian mums, discuss how as a nation we provide the best start for our kids.

The global survey found mums are optimistic, confident and focused on their child’s well-rounded development overall. In a world full of books and messages on raising a brainy baby, the majority believe love is the most important thing for their child’s development. Mums strive to install traits like happiness, kindness and honesty in their children – over attributes such as intellect, success, power, and influence.

Dr Katie Heathershaw says, “The Fisher-Price™ Mums’ Hopes and Wishes survey highlights the universal nature of mothering. These findings resonate with my experience of Australian mums, who place high priority on their children’s well rounded development, in particular, their happiness. Mothers understand the importance of talking and playing with their children not only because it is fun, and deepens their loving relationship, but also because it is how children learn and develop. Despite the geographic, cultural, social and economic differences that may separate us, striving for happiness for our children is something that mothers share across the world.”

Jules says, “As a mum, I’m always thinking about how to give my sons the best start in life. It’s so important to me that they grow up to be happy, well-rounded individuals. Lots of playtime, outdoor experiences and family time are top of my list for creating a bright future.”


“The work of Fisher-Price has always been to enrich the lives of young families. The incredible love parents share for their children and the dreams they hold for them to reach their full potential is universal. Wishes for Baby is our way to say – ‘we’re so inspired by all you do to give your children the best possible start in life – and we’re here to support you in nurturing your child’s development in the most engaging and playful way!” said Lisa Mancuso, Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price Global Brand Marketing.


Key surprising results:


  • The range of responses by country as to parents who believe childhood development begins at birth (75% to 34%)


  • Character traits (EQ) such as happiness and honesty were a solid block at the top of traits moms’ most wanted their child to achieve in life


  • Love won boldly over education as most important for a child’s development


  • Access to education was ranked #1 across all countries as the reason for optimism in raising baby over other considerations of seemingly great importance in certain countries (healthcare, safety, job)


  • The Tiger Mom label clearly showed it China – where tenacity and perseverance where top most desirable traits


  • We did not see a high level of agreement on questions related to parents being the first and best teacher




Top five traits ranked globally:


  • Happiness


  • Respect for parents and elders


  • Honesty


  • Politeness


  • Self-Assurance


This is Fisher-Price’s largest global study on Early Childhood Development to date, so to mark the release an AMAZING team, a mother and  TV presenter Jules Sebastian have come together to create a video, which you can view here





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