My Lil Pouch Reusable Food Storage


From Yoghurt, 100’s and 1000’s, salad dressing, custard, to even milk for your coffee on the go. My Lil pouch is an extremely versatile food pouch. Yes I said food pouch!!

I had never used a food pouch prior to being sent a review pack in the mail from My Lil Pouch, so I was a bit hesitant as to uses, durability and cleaning. However once put to the test, those questions were all soon answered and I was fairly surprised.

It was straight to the pantry when they arrived to see what and how much I could fit into them.

The list was endless for food storage:

Peanuts, Sultanas, Rice, Sugar, Herbs, 100’s and 1000’s sooooo many options.


Not only the Pantry but the fridge too:

Yoghurt, custard, salad dressing, minced garlic and many many options


But let’s visit outside the kitchen:

My eldest son went on camp at the same time as the arrival of our awesome package. So instead of purchasing another lot of shampoo and conditioner we poured some into our food pouches. PERFECT they did the job, easy to squeeze, and the perfect travel companions size and storage wise.

TRAVEL: we are in and out all weekend with 6 children, from Football game to Football game with a piano lesson in between for my daughter. We always take out thermos and esky for drinks and snacks for the kids (again lots of food options we are packing now with the My Lil Pouch Food Storage) But most importantly the way we now carry milk for our coffee whilst out has been rethought: Yep in a food pouch.

I could go on all day about the things we can use the pouches for but you get the idea on how handy, they are. So now I want to talk about the ease of them and specs.

Cleaning: YES they are dishwasher safer, in the fast pace world we live in, “Is it dishwasher safe?” is always a question we get ask when we review a kitchen product. SO it is the first we want to answer.

And one tip the team at My Lil Pouch has shared for cleaning and drying is: put My Lil Pouch over the prongs on the top rack of the dishwasher OR use warm, soapy water with a bottle brush to reach all the nooks and crannies and then rinse clean with warm water.

For drying you can prop My Lil Pouch over the prongs on your dish rack to air dry or, alternatively, fold up some paper towel and push it inside the pouch to soak up any excess moisture. The most effective way the My Lil Pouch team have found is to wash your pouches as usual then pop straight into the freezer. Any excess water will freeze, then can be shaken off before the next use, and no nasties can grow!

As a mum of a young child I would like to point out that My Lil pouch has thought about the lids on the food pouches really well, they are not your small lids you would be worried about dropping and not being able to find later: Instead they are a choke-safe lids and a decent size that would be easier to find if dropped.

Filling we found easy, with the fact the pouches have self-standing bases: there is no struggle with them falling over during filling. Another tip: open the gusset before filling: Remove the cap and blowing air into the pouch to open the gusset then open the durable ziplock seal on the top and then fill. Be sure when closing to run your fingers across the ziplock seal a few times to ensure there are no leaks.

My Lil Pouch comes in a 100ml, 200ml and 500ml food storage pouches and some funky new designs.


If you are looking for a fun, easy and reusable food pouch then we highly recommend My Lil Pouch.


To read more or to order head over to the My Lil Pouch website where you will find a great range of their products NOT just pouches!

Ice Pops, Coolers, Pouch accessories including attachable spoons and funnels for filling. Plus loads more.

All My Lil Pouch products are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free and they are made from food safe materials.


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