Ned Kelly’s Helmet By Paul Stafford

Ned Kelly's Helmet - The Colourful Housewife

Ned Kelly’s Helmet begins in modern times as a school needs to raise funds for a basketball court and they stage a Roman style slave auction after a suggestion by the history teacher.
The normally peaceful village of Milltown is in the grips of a bushranger epidemic, and no business is safe. Hordes of masked bandits roam the streets on horseback, menacing the public with their weapons. Luckily the bushrangers are students, the horses are pushies, and the weapons are water pistols. And, since it’s just another of Ms Bracker’s mad history projects, there’ll be no harm done – or so she thinks!
But when the McGoogly Gang, with the aid of some ancient technology, go after the ultimate bushranger icon for their project, the whole game is turned on its head, the cry of ‘Bail up!’ is punctuated with real gunfire, and bushranger month becomes deadly serious.

Author Paul Stafford has combined lively dialogue and quick humour to make this imaginative little book into a real what’s gonna-happen-next page turner!
Paul Stafford is a literacy consultant in primary and secondary schools throughout Australia, specialising in reluctant male readers. One of his literacy projects for boys, ‘The Dead Bones Society’, won a NSW Local Government Cultural Award in 2007. Paul has written thirteen fiction books, distributed throughout Australasia.

Ned Kelly’s Helmet, New Holland Publishers RRP $14.99
Available from all good bookstores or online

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