New Disney, Marvel and Star Wars find a new home at Specsavers

Specsavers Disney Frames 30379831When my daughter found out she needed glasses at the age of eight she was horrified ( Yes only 8 and already fashion aware). After much convincing that it was not about the PRETTINESS we finally got her to do the RIGHT things by her eyes and NOT by what was trending.

Because it was such a hard time to finally convince her, I wanted to share a post about the New Disney, Marvel and Star Wars eyewear available at Specsavers. Why? Because it would have made life a lot easier so to say. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not that mum that gives in, nor wanting to teach her wrong morals  I’m simply saying: Eyewear that is fashionable would have made it easier for her to except and fit in more. Because lets face it not all kids play nice.

With the introduction of 34 new bright and colourful Disney frames in Specsavers stores, the choice and fact that your child needs to wear glasses makes it a little easier on their self-esteem ( that is from a personal opinion).


When it comes to designing kids’ frames at Specsavers, specialised care and attention is taken to ensure every consideration has been made to provide the best possible fit for the younger customer. So as well as looking good, they have a number of features that take into account children’s anatomy, head shape and the fact they are likely to grow during the time they own them.




The new fun frames are available in acetate, metal or a combination of both. All frames are durable and suit active youngsters, with flex hinges and scratch-resistant Super Tough Trivex lenses.

The magical new range of children’s eyewear is now available at Specsavers stores Australia-wide, featuring everyone’s favourite Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters, with two pairs of frames starting from just $199.

Specsavers Disney Frames 30293700

Your child’s favourites are all there, including frames embossed with classic ‘Minnie’ or ‘Mickey Mouse’ and princesses such as Frozen’s ‘Elsa’, ‘Cinderella’, or ‘Ariel’ The Little Mermaid. With so many options, your little dreamer will be spoilt for choice. If it’s an action packed superhero your little one would like, they can select ‘Spider-Man’ or a pair of Marvel frames featuring The Avengers; ‘Thor’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Hulk’.

Specsavers Disney Frames 30269170



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