How Does The NEW Mitsubishi Outlander Measure Up?



I would not say we are your averaged sized family…

As a mum of six gorgeous kids (biased right?), the job of purchasing a new family car does not come easy! Two adults and 5 children fulltime / 6 part time. Finding a car to suit when in the market for a new one (Which we are; were is a better word now!) we have sooooo many boxes to tick:

Is it safe enough, comfortable, economical, roomy…? The list goes on.

When the opportunity arose to trial and review the NEW Mitsubishi Outlander I jumped on it. I had seen the TV commercials read the advertisements and had my doubts, would it be able to accommodate our needs as a larger family? (As you do with all new vehicle purchases)

So let me start by saying WOW!! What a fantastic experience.

The doubt; could the Mitsubishi Outlander accommodate a larger family then the average 4 persons? Yes I highly believe it does –it ticked all the boxes a busy mum needs to tick when in the market for a new family car. NOT only that: the Mitsubishi Outlander is a car satisfying the needs for any leisure, business or family purpose car.

With this baby in my hands for a week I was going to give it the ultimate run for its money. I am talking school trips, daily errands, football training, piano and guitar lessons, football matches, business and leisure drives. Then the ultimate test the food shopping for a large family and packing it up for a night away with the family.

Once I picked the Outlander Exceed up from Suttons, Arncliffe Sydney I was straight to it.

First things first – Jamie’s (Jimmie Jam’s) car seat needed to be put in from our ‘normal’ family car. Test one Car seat anchor points. To me a car never has enough – We found three! One at each of the seats in the ‘second row’. And Jamie had no trouble with his travels at all, he slept like a baby….




With the smart key and one touch start system I start the Mitsubishi Outlander and we were off to Costco to test the boot space (cargo area). Is it going to accommodate a family weekly shop? 




It sure does, and still with room for the butchers and fresh fruit /veg market!!!

The fully trimmed cargo area is deceiving at first site. But put it to use and you will be surprised. With the BULK shopping at your hands at Costco we got a lot in with room still for more.

 Then we are off to do the school pick up CRAZY time!! With three in high school, one in primary school and one at home, this time of day always gets hectic.




So as the kids pile in the Mitsubishi Outlander, the ohh WOW begins and the MUMMMMM look!!!

As they are getting in, the Recline and tumble fold up function made life that little bit simpler, with no arguments of hurry up and I am hungry: it was simple Recline and Tumble fold.



What was so appealing for the kids? First it was the sunroof, all in awe needless to say it was the first thing they wanted opened.

For the older kids it was all about the Sound system and connecting their phones to charge and listen to what they call music!! All of which was not a problem with the AM/FM radio/CD/MP3 player, Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio, Bluetooth phone connectivity & audio streaming with voice control, should I keep going? Oh the USB input grabbed their attention too.

The comfort was another that appealed to them, and in the words of our eight year old son “Hey the seats are curved for our butts” –With cloth seat trim and Leather seat facings, with plenty of support, I must admit the seats were a major comfort factor. And did I mention the front seats are heated! Yes Heated….

But it was time to head home. With an almost L plater sitting in the back, as I was waiting to navigate my way out from the carpark Brittney pipes up “Mum don’t you think you should turn the car on?” The car was on! Another feature I want to draw upon here is the quietness of the Mitsubishi Outlander. So quiet the car does not even sound like it is on!! Cars Guide sums this up to a tee by saying “The contributing to the overall noise reduction is extensive use of sound insulation and isolation damping materials as well as a redesign of the engine air intake system”


When we finally arrive home hubby is waiting to have is turn. After three phone calls throughout the day questioning me on comfort, what’s it like to drive? Have the kids got room? He was eager to take it for a drive himself. So we make the most of it.




Before another crazy busy week begins we were keen to take the Mitsubishi Outlander away for the weekend as a family. Saturday we decided to pack the kids up and head to a gorgeous country town called Tarana (approx. two hours from Sydney) 




With the engineering and design improvements Mitsubishi have made to the Mitsubishi Outlander, the enhanced performance and handling the safety features and versatility the drive was a breeze – Kids were, happy plenty of room and I am going to say it again THE COMFORT was PERFECT!

BUT one feature hubby Josh and I loved for the drive was the Cruise Control.

Now this is not your average cruise control (well not the one I am used to): We are talking Adaptive Cruise Control.

So we are cruising along with our cruise control on and we are approaching another car, before Josh goes to put his foot on the brake the Outlander Exceed started to adjust its own speed… Yes its own speed, WHAT THE??

So instantly I get on my phone and google more specifics on this vehicle, and behold we find Adaptive Cruise Control. According to Mitsubishi the ACC uses radar technology to detect cars in the lane ahead and adjusts the speed of your car accordingly while maintaining a distance set by you. WOW they have bloody thought of it all!!

Now considering we had a 4WD model, Josh was not going to take the straight road to Tarana. I’m not talking heavy and rough 4WD just your simple road to a little outback driving, enough to put it into 4WD.




So how was that: In Josh’s words NICE! Yep NICE…. A man of very little words but with a huge smile on his face as well.




Now once we arrive at our overnight destination Josh is captivated by this stage after the drive instantly going right over detail, now I am winning because it’s most definitely at the top of my list to look into more for our next purchase. With safety features ticking all the boxes; from every airbag possibly thought of, to ABS brakes, Emergency Brake Assist System (EBA), Reverse parking sensors, heated exterior door mirrors to Emergency Stop Signal Function (ESS) and the list goes on. In relation to comfort and drive Mitsubishi have really got it over the line the in SUV class.





So Sunday comes and before it is back to reality, we thought we would make the most of Sunday driving and head out to Mount Panorama – The kids and myself have never been so we are off to see the sites of one of the greatest tracks. Reminding Josh though it was not a race car we headed up the ‘Mountain’. But me I couldn’t help myself and took some photos of our family adventure I want to share xxxx




It really is a good looking car, stylish and sleek.



oh and have I mentioned the comfort???




Now it’s back to reality though with school and work the next day we head home, remembering we have to drop a jumping castle back off at a friends that we had borrowed (YES I was able to fit the jumping castle in the cargo area as well!!) That was on the agenda before we call it a night.




Monday and Wednesdays are days of Piano and Guitar lessons for the kids so we are back on the road again after school; Tuesdays and Thursdays is football training .As a busy mum I spend approx. 3-4 hours in the car a day just doing the daily run around and pickups, so as you can imagine I go through some fuel: another test we were waiting to put the Outlander through.

We drove over 1200 km whilst we had the Mitsubishi Outlanderand filled the car twice, now I’m no mechanic and I’m not the savviest car person BUT at $57 a tank on average, when our ‘normal’ car takes $75, I know I am saving and it is VERY FUEL EFFICIENT PER FULL TANK.

Not only did I have the run around with the kids, my daily errands, but we also had our work commitments, delivering our MDF designs to suppliers. So here Josh was testing out the cargo area again from a more business corporate point of view, and yet it still measured up in comfort for the drive and plenty of room.




In my opinion The Mitsubishi Outlander DOES measure up not only for the larger family but also from a business / corporate point of view.

With the engineering and design improvements, enhanced performance and handling the safety features and versatility are definitely a new class of SUV.

I would purchase the Mitsubishi Outlander as our next family car and I have recommended to family and friends.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page and Instagram profile for more photos with our Outlander experience.

But most of all head over to the Mitsubishi Outlander Showroom site here 

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