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Needless to say when our package arrived with Closer to Nature’s newest range of cups to review: Little Miss and Mr were ecstatic to say the least. With the bright colours and funky graphics the new range had all of the appeal.

Not only was it the kids thrilled but so was mum! I knew the package was on its way: thoughts of new sippee and straw cups for the kids were perfect, though when the package was opened it was more than just sippee and straw cups, oh and the awesome trainer cups. The dynamics Closer to Nature have brought to their cups separates them from the rest.

“Designed to keep your little one happy and hydrated from their very first sip to their first big adventures.”

Covering from 4months to 12months+ I would personally recommend (to everyone) the range for all your ‘children’s thirsty work’. As mentioned before the colours are bright and the graphics are spot on for the age groups. BUT the best part: All of the cup range has interchangeable tops and bottoms, yep each of them, from the sippee cup to the straw cup, even the lippee cup and sports bottle, they are all interchangeable. Check it out here and have a go at using the buttons to slide the pieces to see what different variants you could create for your little one!

Now all that’s well and good but how did they measure up with the kids? Well we had not one, not two, but three little ones that were busting to take the labels off and put them to use, Mr 7 Months, Miss 12 months and Mr 13 months.

Closer to Nature - The Colourful Housewife

Mr 7 Months was way too eager as you can tell by the photo there was no waiting to get it into his mouth (even before mum had opened for him!) Currently weaning, mum to Mr 7 Months found the straw the perfect added accessory to help with the development of drinking skills like a big boy (also gentle for the gums as he is still teething).

Closer to Nature - The Colourful Housewife

The handles are great for motor skills and little Mr’s hands helping with his independence.
Perfect for the weekly shopping trips to throw in mums handbag. The straw is a flip down and up mechanism, keeping the straw clean and the cup spill proof.

Closer to Nature - The Colourful Housewife

Little Miss 12 months was adamant the two pink cups were for her. Although the smaller one in this photo is the 4 month Sippee cup, there was no way anyone was getting that cup off her. So we reviewed it with her (all the more fun for the kids at the end of the day).

The 4 month cup we found would be ideal for the teething tots, with the extra super soft (not too soft) spout and handles perfect for growing hands. BUT the one aspect any mum would love of this cup is the non-spill valve, keeping bubs and everything else around or at the receiving end of a falling cup DRY!!! Yep again non spill… LOVE IT!

Closer to Nature - The Colourful Housewife

But alas, night-time falls and it’s the final drinks before bed and finally Miss 11 months decides she wants to try the cup we wanted her to try in the first place. The larger sippee cup: and what did we find, yep you guessed it NON SPILL!!! No leaks, we found this after she threw it up on the lounge to free her hands to climb up herself. (Mind you our NEW lounge) Thank goodness the cup lived up to the expectations. Again through a non-spill valve located in the top of the lid.

Say goodbye to the handles no need with this baby, instead Closer to Nature have thought it through well and added easy grip sides: again perfect for development.

Closer to Nature - The Colourful Housewife

Meet Mr 13 Months, (check out the concentration on his face) the novelty of a new cup was priceless to watch. Same size as the larger sippee cup, the straw cup has very similar features, with the exception of a straw, flip down and up, perfect to grab on your way out the door, in the car, out and about, wherever whenever, any adventure. Oh and the easy grip sides (one of my other favourite features)
AND at the end of the day all of them went in the dishwasher, yes the whole range is dishwasher safe….

So would I buy the range? I most certainly would. Would I recommend them? I already had before the review went live. With 6 children I have tried many cup, many brands in many sizes and I can say confidently that Closer to Nature have got it right and I’m certainly impressed.

Closer to Nature® introduces their best cup collection yet. Specifically designed to keep little ones happy and hydrated, from their very first sip to going on their first big adventures! The new non-spill, mix n match range includes cups carefully designed for each developmental stage, for ages 4 months+. All closer to nature® cups are BPA free. Now available in Babies R Us from $10rrp. To find out more, visit their website | Facebook

BUT WAIT to help celebrate the launch of the new AWESOME FUNKY range of Closer to Nature’s Sippee & Straw Cups, we are giving away a selection of their new cup range to ONE winner valued at over $30 RRP. So to enter all you need to do is tell me in 25 words (or less) an adventure your little one takes their sipper cup along with them on.

The winner will be drawn 17.9.2015 and notified via a reply in the comments.Please note this is a game of skill not chance, judges’ decision is final.

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