How To Pack Salad And It Doesn’t Get Soggy

Salad packing

Guest Post: How To Pack Salad And It Doesn’t Get Soggy??

Salad for lunch

Do you have salads for lunch? Next time you are at the food court during lunch time, check out the line in front of salad bars.
Everyone LOVES having that light fresh salad for lunch!

It somewhat makes sense why people would rather buy salad every day…. Of course, its a healthy choice, it makes sense if they didn’t have time to pack lunch the night before and they want a fresh tasting salad with savory and tangy dressing drizzled on top.

However, spending $8-$10 on a bowl of salad…. I personally can’t afford to do it every day. I’d be b.r.o.k.e!

Today we are sharing with you a trick to keep your salad fresh and tasty by lunch time. And did I mention you are going to save money too? Would you rather spend that $10 on something you love? Maybe on a few trips to Starbucks or on a high quality chocolate?? Just kidding.

Note: This trick is the easiest way if you DON’T have a little leak-free dressing container to bring.

Time: 5 minutes the night before

What you need: a big plastic or glass lunch container, leafy greens (lettuce, baby kale, spinach, arugula…. add some cherry tomatoes for sweetness), leftover chicken pieces/ leftover steak / cooked chickpeas (or whatever your protein choice is), and your favorite dressing.

Step 1: Pour a small amount of dressing into your empty lunch container

Salad for lunch
What’s your favorite salad dressing? In this picture we are using Greek dressing!

Step 2: Add solid ingredients (your proteins or your grains)

Salad for lunch
Yummy golden chickpeas…

Step 3: The soft leafy greens would go on top

Salad for lunch
We are not done yet… let’s add some cherry tomatoes for sweetness.
Salad for lunch
Now we are done. This color combination looks so delicious!

Tip 1: The trick is to put the dressing at the bottom, solid (chicken strips, steak, beans, rice, cherry tomatoes) next and soft on top(lettuce, arugula, some chopped herbs like basil, cilantro, mint….you name it!) ! This will allow your proteins (chicken, beans) absorb some of the dressings, but won’t make your leafy greens soggy from it.
Tip 2: Use a large container, so after you have assembled your salad, there is still some room left at the top of the container. this way you can shake the container before serving or some room to lightly toss it with a fork.

I use this trick every day and it works wonderfully! Now we all can bring salads for lunch! Hooray!
How do you bring salad and dressing to work now? What’s your favorite lunch idea?

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