5 Easy Ways to Save $5 or More


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Most of us wish we had more money to spend on the things we want most, such as those big ticket purchases, holidays or splurge items, yet instead many of us end up running low by the end of the pay cycle, wondering where it all went. Savings of any amount can all add up in the long run, whether it be saving $5 a day off your expenses or making bigger changes that result in much more significant savings to our general expenses.

Here are some quick and easy ways to save you money, to have you working towards that dream holiday or new shoes in now time:


So this is a bit of a common one, but if you are a coffee drinker or a regular buyer of any type of drink or product when out and about or during your working day, you are easily spending at least $5 every time this happens. Say you do that 5 days a week… that’s $25 gone, or $100 a month that could have been spent elsewhere. Consider taking your own coffee to work or simply skipping the fancy purchase. Small changes add up.



The same goes with buying your lunch every day. While the occasional treat or ‘there’s nothing in my house to eat’ moment is perfectly acceptable, there can be massive savings when you decide to make your own lunch to take instead. The average takeaway lunch is usually upward of $8 and often much higher, especially if you add on a drink and maybe a slice of banana bread or carrot cake to go with it.



Most of us are have expenses such as insurance, phone, internet, and loans that are sucking up a big portion of our cash. For many, these are expenses we simply have to accept as they are things we ‘need’, but when was the last time you shopped around for a better price on your services and utilities. There is so much competition out there now with different providers and organisations all eager for your business, so taking a few minutes of your time to do some online research, grab some quotes and compare could see you saving not just $5 here and there but possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.



Tying in well with shopping around is the fact that many people choose to go with services that are beyond their needs. For example, a person who uses their home internet to mostly surf social media (and read this blog) does not require unlimited internet data and could be saving quite a bit by reducing the size of their plan. Same goes for phone plans, health insurance with all the bells and whistles and excess luxuries like cable television subscriptions. While you are at it, do you need a big petrol guzzling car if you could do all the same things in a much more economic hatchback? Something to consider that can also save you huge amounts of money.


Being mindful of different discount programs, rewards sites and offers can help you save money. Deals websites can offer discounts at your favourite restaurants or perhaps a new style cut and colour for a fraction of the price you may have paid otherwise. If there is something in particular you are looking for, check out a deals website that offers discounts on similar products and services and you may find exactly what you are looking for, only cheaper.

Utilising each of these steps in your own life will see you saving quite a bit, which will have you that extra step closer to spending your money on the things that make you happy in life.

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