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Nude Food Day is a nationwide initiative developed to encourage kids and parents to eat well and live well, and eliminate all unnecessary packaging and wrapping that goes into schools.

Normally , Nude Food Day has been celebrated on a specified date, however this year, after listening to feedback, the event will run across any day in October (or all of the days in October if you wish)!

There are many ways you can get involved – it only takes one small action to make a big difference! Register your school to take part, share your favourite Nude Food Recipes, or even sign up to become a Nude Food Day Ambassador! However you choose to celebrate, make sure you share your photos on social media using #NudeFoodDay

In 2015 Nude Food Day is being celebrated on any day (or every day!) in October! You can find out more HERE

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The Colourful Housewife is jumping on board to help in any way possible to help promote this campaign across our social media platforms: We can all help make the difference.

To kick it off the AWESOME  crew at Smash have given us not 1 not 2 BUT 5 NUDE FOOD MOVER Packs to give away


Each pack is valued at over RRP $50 and contains:
  • Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunchbox
  • Nude Food Movers Coolskin
  • Nude Food Movers Sandwich Box
  • Nude Food Movers Snack Box
  • Smash Sports Pop Top Drink Bottle
  • Smash Stealth Drink Bottle 500ml

Its simple to enter simply comment below with what appeals the most to you about Nude Food Mover Products

The winner will be drawn 20.10.2015 and notified via a reply in the comments.

Please note this is a game of skill not chance, judges decision is final.

For more information on the Nude Food Movers range by Smash visit: | Facebook: Nude Food Movers | Instagram: @nudefoodmovers

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  • The bright colours and designs, but most of all the not having to wrap food individually! It not only takes forever, it is a waste.

  • I love both the lunchboxes with their many compartments. These are so handy to take on our big and not so big adventures, filled with a variety of healthy homemade goodies and fresh fruits. My daughter loves blue and my son loves pink. These are not only great for kids but my hubby loves to carry his lunch in these too.

  • With their variety of sizes and styles in bright hues,
    Nude Food Mover products, you just can’t lose
    The fact that extra food packaging isn’t required
    Is a really big plus and leaves me inspired!

  • With weather already so warm we need to remember food safety- and that is an easily solved issue with the correct type of lunchboxes and drink bottles that Nude Food Movers provides.

  • I love how they look so appealing! My kids won’t eat out of anything that isn’t ‘cool looking’ and apparently, luckily, Nude Food Movers are appealing!!

  • I like how they make you think about the extreme packaging we use and it motivates me to select products that don’t have excess packaging.

  • Nude Food Mover products are my favourite food storage items. I love the containers that have the lid attached, so much easier than having to hunt down a matching lid. I also love how easy Nude containers are to open, my son really struggles opening some other brands containers. And of course I should mention that I also love how bright and colourful the Nude range is!

  • What’s not to love about the Nude Food Movers products? The lunchboxes keep the food together in one place with easy access for little kids, no extra packaging, the snack containers fit nicely in the lunchbox, they keep food fresh and the coolskins come in fabulous bright colours. Best of all they can all be popped into the dishwasher at the end of the day. Nude Food Movers are the go to product in my house.

  • I love nood food movers. There is a size and shape for everything. They make it so easy and cheap for me to buy in bulk and then split up into smaller serves. Great for the environment and great for me and my family.

  • I love that it inspires me to create nude foods from scratch and live a less rubbish free life. My favourite is using the move stacking snack boxes: one with vanilla chia pudding (easy and quick to make), one with blueberries and one with strawberries. It’s my daughters favourite daycare snack.

  • I love how the tube ones screw together, making them easy to store and for stacking the the lunch bag. The lovely colours and ease of opening are also a huge plus for youngsters. The rubber feet stop the containers sliding around on the table while eating .. and of course they are great for the environment!

  • Junior starts school next year. With a thousand and one different lunch box options, I’m just going to trust my friends who say Nude Food Movers are what he needs. Apparently they tick all the boxes that I’m yet to discover. Now for the thousand and one other decisions to be made. Does Smash make school bags?

  • I like these containers for the cool design, the seal that keep your food inside the container (no leaks) and so fresh and no additional wrapping of food that ends up in landfill.

  • What better way to celebrate National Nude Food Day, than with this colourful Smash display. My favourite food storage for all my daily snacks, reducing waste and plastic wraps!

  • My boys preschool went package free last year and I just sighed. How was I going to get 2 lunches packed without using plastic and fit them all within their lunch boxes.
    Nude food movers have been a god send. Not only are they bright and colourful but you can save space by connecting them together.
    They boys each have a different colour to save any arguments so that’s a bonus too!!
    I’m looking forward to splurging more and buying a 3rd colour now that my little girl is getting right into her solid foods!!

  • More affordable than Tupperware and just as good. We use it everyday, saves money and is environmentally friendly-what’s not to love?

  • I love the idea of having container that keep food fresh and allows healthy choices. We try not to pack any prepackaged foods for school and work so this is PERFECT 🙂

  • What I love about Nude Food Mover Products is they are made quality with material;good colour range;easy to clean and reuse.Both my kids love Nude products to match their lunch boxes. It also very good to reduce waste for our environment. It is an Iconic Australian brand with fantastic design for everything and everyone.

  • I love how the drink bottles fit easily into the freezer for hot days. How easy they are to clean, easy to store in the cupboard when not in use, and an all in one (no need to spend hours on your knees looking for a lid). The colours make it easy to assign a colour to a family member.

  • I love Nudie Food Movers because they are great products but I love the range of colours, it suits everyone in the family! The kids have no trouble opening them like some other containers that I have!

  • Various sizes to suit all needs. Consciously encouraging all to take a closer look at what foods are consumed. Eat healthy and save our planet by discarding less waste and packaging.

  • love the colours, easy to open, no more rubbish!!! and smash products last the distance , i think i have only replaced 1 small container over the last 3 years that my daughter has been at school, awesome products 🙂

  • Convenience of rubbish free, correct sized/shaped Nude Food Movers for every possible snack, sandwich, nibbles, fruit and wrap & roll. Perfect fit insulated coolskins. Cute grip feet, bright cheerful colours, and lids attached (no more missing or searching for lids) makes Nude Food Movers the best!

  • I love that they are easy to use. My kids have been “nude food dudes” every single day of their schooling life, but i have discovered that a couple of our containers are difficult for the kids to open.. whoops! that is a sad day when they can’t get into their food 🙂

  • I have recently purchased a Smash Sports Pop Top Drink Bottle and it’s fantastic, the wide opening and large lid mean that I’ll be able to add plenty of ice to my sons cordial in the morning and know that he will have a chilled drink throughout the hot Summer.

  • Modern and fun my children open their lunches with gusto at what awesome creations they will have that day at kinder and school.
    On a personal note I find that they do not retain odors as some plastic storing products have in the past which I have owned which is great.

  • Our school has 2 nude food days a week. With my third child starting next yr I would love to win to help out with 6 nude food school mornings!

  • Anything that cuts down on the waste we produce is amazing. It’s so sad to see trash bags and trash cans so filled up with things that are unnecessary. Props to these guys for helping to curb that!

  • My son likes his food separated. If they touch their not eaten. I can pack him an AWESOME fruit break/lunch/healthy snack in 1 stunningly functional container and NONE of it touches therefore all is eaten and mum is 1 jumpin for jolly joy person. P.S. miss 2 thinks the snack tubes are constantly full of surprises like they are at the shop so getting them out of the draw to find them empty is crying on the floor devastating!!

  • I love the lids for little hands,
    The colours that are far from bland.
    They keep food fresh and separated,
    Good for cheese and carrot grated.
    Tough and light, great to pack,
    Make my mornings feel more slack.
    Perfect for lunch and afternoon tea,
    Nudie movers work for me!

  • Gorgeous and practical! A winning mum combination – my kids would love the bright colours and I would love not having to have drawers full of plastic bags and wraps and containers I can never find the matching lid to!

  • I love how Nude Food makes less garbage fun for kids. Bright colours, ingenious storage ideas (such as the freezeable gel) and different sized containers that you can mix & match. Teaching our younger generation that everything does NOT need to be wrapped in plastic that is not biodegradable and will end up in landfill or injuring wildlife

  • My three kids and I love love love our nude food movers! We love separating our delights with silicone cupcake holders! ? package free lunches have been made so much easier since investing in our nude food movers too! plus the pretty colours make it easy for the kids to see their lunch box and there are no fights! Well done ??❤️❤️

  • Encourages healthy eating with any lifestyle. Snack cups on the run, lunch boxes, storage… Waste free, convenient and so durable!

  • I love that no matter what food, rough treatment or mistreatment my boys throw at them Nude Food Movers take it all and come back for more the next day. Nude Movers are tough.

  • The most appealing thing about Nude food movers is that my three year old can open the containers independently without any frustration. So many lunch boxes are extremely challenging for kids to use without assistance. I’m so glad I found the Nude food movers and Smash drink bottles.

  • I love that it ‘does away’ with plastic bags and cling wrap, saving not only the environment but also my budget, and is versatile enough to use for the whole family!

  • What appeals most is the lovely bright colours and the ability to keep food and liquids fresh and cool is such a big advantage.

  • I am big on healthy snacks, love their snack containers, especially when I’m on the run just throw one in my bag 🙂

  • Such a great idea no more using glad wrap for the sandwiches the containers are the perfect size for adults and little people love all the colours

  • Love how the snack containers are leak proof meaning I can fill them with a variety of foods such as jelly, custard and yoghurt, just to name a few!

  • I love the stylish design, colour and different sizes. With 5 young kids lunches to do daily, nude makes lunchbox packing easy. I save money, the environment and keeps my kids food fresh!

  • I love that all their products are not only BPA Free but also 100% Phthalates free and PVC free too. When using their containers, I know there are NO nasty chemical leaching into our Nude Food.

  • I love the easy-to-open containers and that fruit don’t get squashed in my daughter’s bag … all squishy and soggy!! And I love the FUNKY colours!!

  • I love that they’re easy for the kids to open and close containers themselves. The colours are great for all ages and most importantly they really keep our food fresh without having to use any rubbish waste products. Affordable price and you can never have enough Smash products 🙂

  • I love the funky pink colour. My five year old would love this for primary school and it’s cute enough to actually be cool. Love the sandwich size box, perfect for her little lunch.

  • I love how versatile this range is – I could really plan some great meals, knowing that my lunch will be kept cool and safe from squashing until I’m ready for it. And no rubbish left over – brilliant!

  • I love that they reduce waste – not just packaging, but food waste too, because they keep food fresh and make it look appealing to eat. So in the long run, they save me money, too.

  • Besides the funky bright colours, I love the little bits and pieces so the kids can have a variety of foods without worrying about them getting mushed together in a lunch box!

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