4 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

Image and video hosting by TinyPicHaving kids can mean routines can sometimes be extra challenging, with plenty of unexpected moments to disrupt you from getting out the door on time or getting things done when planned. This can be frustrating, especially when you have somewhere important to be, such as work or an appointment.

We were once those people who always arrived everywhere early, having a streamlined routine and no great disruptions. But then kids happened. Getting out that door at the time planned is not always easy to achieve, so it seemed only logical to simplify our new morning routine.

Here are some ways you too can simplify your morning routine:

Plan Ahead

Most of the time we have an idea what our week looks like, or at the very least, a day or two ahead. If you know you have further to go, or need to be somewhere earlier than usual, you can account for this by getting ready earlier. This means getting the kids up and going sooner too if needed.

Utilise The Night Before

This is a big one for us if we know we need to be up and out the door early for any reason. Often you will find me packing bags or making lists the night before in order to simplify my morning routine and reduce the number of things that need to be done. Having a fully stocked nappy bag is my biggest time saver so there is no last minute rush to make sure there are enough nappies or spare clothes for where we are going. But the same can go for making lunches if you have school age kids, or packing school bags.

The other area that is great to plan the night before is clothing. Ensure clothing such as uniforms are washed and ironed as well as planning your own and any younger children’s outfits for the day ahead that night.

Have a Routine

This may sound a little silly when talking about simplifying the morning routine but you will be surprised how many people do not have a set routine for the morning and what a big difference this can make. It can be as simple as having an order of when you shower, eat breakfast and get dressed each day so you can streamline the process and get out the door sooner. It also helps kids get moving faster if they know what to expect.

Easy Breakfasts

It is important to start your day with a great breakfast, but this can take time if you want something a little more exciting than the usual bowl of cereal or slices of toast. Consider baking breakfast muffins or pre-chopping fruit as examples of ways to simplify your breakfast process and save time.

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