SMASH Your Lunches With Nude Food Movers (Review and Giveaway)

Nude Food Movers Prize Options

 “Saving The Planet One Lunch At A Time” (And money too!)

SMASH your lunches with Nude Food Movers.


At The Colourful Housewife: anything to save time, money and anything we can do for the environment we LOVE. So when we were asked to review some of the NUDE FOOD MOVERS range, we were very delighted to say the least.

BUT it did not stop there, the awesome guys at Smash are also letting us giveaway a $50 Nude Food Mover pack as a reader giveaway. Pink, Black or Blue prize packs are available and the winner can indicate their preference. We will let you know about this part a little later, I just want to share with you our opinions on the products first….

Now when our parcel arrived we were overwhelmed with the variety of products we received.  We were already aware of some of the SMASH range and the Nude Food Movers products, as our  children already use some of the range for school and we were all fans. The kids love the variety of colours and the fact they don’t have to walk to the bin with their rubbish is a bonus they tell me.


So the part about no rubbish you ask? You see, Nude Food Movers are exactly what they mean… NUDE!! Designed to eliminate the need for portion packing and wrapping: Meaning you are saving a proportion of money each week when it comes to glad wrap, al foil, zip lock bags: any packaging you would normally use. Not only that you are playing your part in helping the environment, and in the society we live today, EVERY little bit helps!


The Nude Food  range is making life easier for not only busy mums (just like myself),  to pack wrap-free and healthy lunches everyday, but for anyone really. Smash have every  meal covered from school lunches, for men and women’s work lunches, meals on the go, as well as funky fruit movers like the Banana Mover in the picture above oh and the sandwich boxes (for many uses then just sandwiches) !!

As I said the kids love them range. For me though I personally love the Yoghurt Mover


Yes you read right Yoghurt Mover!!! A very clever idea. The designer needs an award! And I don’t even mean that to be funny. The yoghurt mover comes with its own spoon, removable freezer wall, is even leak proof with the internal suction wall, and bottom line is they are reusable and portable: Wash and reuse. Its that simple.



The kids and I are not the only ones impressed with the products range: Mr colourful-hubby was really impressed with the Cutlery Movers: often taking leftovers to work (he tells me he is not a ‘sandwich man), so the cutlery is know taken care, and all in a hygienic and secure storage pod; a knife, fork, spoon and wait for it…. A pair of chopsticks!!!! And they are all full sized perfect for ‘any’ hands.



Honestly there is products for everyone in the Nude Food Movers range, at The Colourful Housewife headquarters we are all impressed by the variety, design and value for money, with other team members (along with my self purchasing more!). Nude Food Movers believe in saving the planet one lunch at a time. Reduce, re-use and recycle with a handy range of products to help you on your ‘nude food’ adventures and available in all good retailers.

For more information on the Nude Food Movers range by Smash visit: | Facebook: Nude Food Movers | Instagram: @nudefoodmovers

Nude Food Movers is the brand behind Nude Food Day, a nationwide program and event held in primary schools nationwide during October. Whether you are a parent, carer, school or simply want more info on how you can do your bit for the environment sign up today at | Facebook: National Nude Food Day

Nude Food Movers Prize Options

And to help celebrate Nude Food Day The Colourfulhousewife and Smash/Nude Food Movers teams have a $50 Nude Food Mover pack as a reader giveaway. Pink, Black or Blue prize packs are available and the winner can indicate their preference.

Its simple to enter simply comment below with the one product that you would like to add to your home and why…

The winner will be drawn 30.8.2015 and notified via a reply in the comments.

Please note this is a game of skill not chance, judges decision is final.

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  • When it comes to getting nude
    with my favourite snacking food
    One product takes the cake
    a Pink Muffin Mover for my bake

  • Im honestly not sure what I would pick. My daughter is a Kindergartener and this is my first time packing lunches. I struggle with all of it. Lunch box is too small or just an awkward shape and nothing fits right it in

  • I would love a banana mover! I love bananas, but after they get bashed around I cannot bring myself to eat them and they end up in banana bread. Please help me save myself from buried fruit and too much fruit bread and cakes!

  • I would love a banana mover! I love bananas, but after they get bashed around I cannot bring myself to eat them and they end up in banana bread. Please help me save myself from buried fruit and too much fruit bread and cakes! P.s. I really like the blue set.

  • I would love to add the fruit movers, my kids love fruit but won’t eat it when it is bruised, it often won’t fit in a lunch box so it gets left at the bottom of the school bag until it is brown and yucky.

  • I would love the fruit mover because my kids refuse to eat bruised fruit and since bananas especially won’t fit in lunch boxes it ends up being a goopy brown mess in the bottom of their school bag…..yuck!

  • I would love to add the Cutlery Movers to my home because we like to pack foods other than sandwiches in our lunch bags & my cutlery draw is suffering 🙂

  • I love that little yoghurt mover, this would actually save me some money by not having to buy those 12 pack of yoghurt and instead just buying it by the litre, and not making so much waste for the environment!! So cute!!

  • The Cutlery Mover looks great. My kids love taking salad, rice, soup or left over pasta etc. for their lunch and the cutlery mover is just what they need!

  • We would love a yoghurt mover! Keeping it cool enough for them to enjoy is so hard especialy when their first break at out school is 11am.

  • Banana container, stupid to some but not to this Mum who’s sick of finding uneaten squashed ones in the bottom of the school bag.

  • Yoghurt Mover, better to buy it in bulk containers and siphon it into a smaller more consumable portion, to enjoy at home, work or while out and about.

  • I’d love a banana mover because it’s the one fruit that all four of us love but what we don’t love is when they get all mooshed up!

  • Ooh I’d love the yoghurt mover because my kids eat yoghurt every day which is easy in winter but makes me nervous in summer when they’re at school.

  • I’d love the sandwich box because my kids and hubby eat sangers every day and I hate all the wasted cling wrap (which ends up in our oceans and can hurt marine life).

  • The banana mover it has to be
    To keep it fresh for morning tea
    No bruising or squashing anymore
    No remanents left all over the floor!

  • A yoghurt mover is something I have been looking for and never knew existed! I like to buy yoghurt in bulk instead of individual tubs and this would be perfect to taking yoghurt out on the run!

  • I love the cutlery mover, I’ve never seen anything like that! I would love that I seem to be missing a lot of cutlery from my kitchen drawer!

  • I would like to add banana mover because my kids love banana like minions. I have to put it in bubble wrap to avoid it bruising so this addition from Nude would be fantastic

  • We love our wraps and my teen stepson takes one to school most days. He uses the wrap and roll container which is great as none of the juice from the tomatoes etc goes through his books. I would love another please for my partner who also takes wraps to work now.

  • I would love to have the cutlery movers. My son always leaves his utensils at school, but with these I do believe that he would have a hard time not keeping up with them. This is really an awesome idea.

  • I have never seen a “Banana Holder” before… now why hasn’t someone thought of that!
    Oh because …
    NU D E F O O D M O V E R S
    are always
    F I R S T with
    S M A S H I N G out new ideas!

  • I love the Yoghurt Mover as we have had more than a few leaks before and they are so hard to clean as it goes through everything! Plus will save on money because I could buy a big tub instead of little ones…

  • the banana mover for sure as noone wants squashed bananas and i usually have to cut my kids bananas in half to put into a container and the kids dont like me doing that.

  • Loving the yoghurt mover. The innovative freezer wall looks fantastic. Next it would be squish free bananas. These products look great!

  • I would love the cutlery mover. I take cutlery to eat with at work, this would be an easy and more hygienic way of carrying it, rather than throwing it in my handbag 🙂

  • The yoghurt mover. We buy in bulk and then add our own fruit/toppings because it’s cheaper so these would be incredibly convinient.

  • The yogurt mover is another fabulous idea from nude. Not only environmentally friendly with no rubbish, but if you don’t make your own yogurt you can always buy in bulk and save money too!

  • I love the idea of the Yoghurt Mover. I enjoy having yogurt with my lunch but it’s not quite the same when it’s been sat getting warm half the day (and possibly not quite safe either especially in the summer time.) Yoghurt Mover is the perfect solution.

  • Oh I hope I’m not too late to enter this smashing comp, I received your email in my inbox this morning. My kids love yoghurt and so do I. We would love to win the yoghurt movers to save the environment from excess packaging, extra cleaning up from spilled yoghurt and best of all being able to buy the big tubs to save our pennies. We trialled another brand but opening was too tricky for little hands to unscrew and didn’t have inbuilt cooler. Brilliant idea.

  • I would love the yoghurt mover – I’ve never ever seen one before!! Very handy and also could be used for custards and possibly jelly? Would love to try it

  • I just love all Nude food containers. we have so many and they all serve their purpose. Fell in love with the yoghurt containers last summer. love the idea of the cutlery holders. my 3 girls, my husband and myself all use nude food containers for day care, school and work.

  • I’d love the container with the freezable gel insert. Fabulous idea for yoghurt, fruit or other bits you need to keep cold. No dripping water on the rest of your food from a thawing ice brick

  • As much as I love finding bananas that have somehow crawled out of the kids lunchboxes and ended up squished all over everything in their bag, I would love a Banana Mover! It would save me lots of time cleaning and hopefully get rid of the funky Banana smell that seems to arrive each afternoon as the kids open their bags!

  • A banana mover because as the bananas get bashed about in my kids bags they then won’t eat them. This would save a lot of bananas and money

  • Yo yo yogurt mover would be sweet, with its own spoon and removable freezer wall it’ll keep it cool and neat. So please pick me so I can reuse my yogurt tub please

  • The Banana Mover would be ideal. No matter how you pack it the banana ends up squished and/or bruised. How much banana bread can I keep making?

  • My son has started taking butter vegemite salada’s. They go soggy so now I pack the vegemite and butter separate and at 8yrs just he spreads it on himself. I’d love the cutlery. The chopsticks would go awesome with his pasta salads.

  • I would love to add the Cutlery Movers to my collection as I am always taking the good cutlery to work for my lunch and this would be perfect to take instead as it would keep all my cutlery together in a compact pod that I could even keep in my handbag.

  • I’d love the black pack. I have my second starting kindy next year, and would love a set he can call his own without big brother taking it! I have never tried the Nude Food brand before, although I have looked at them extensively in the shops! New to the school mum thing as of this year, and have already gone through numerous things trying to find the right option. My kids school is waste free, so these would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • The cutlery mover is a must in my household as all love to take leftovers and I loathe giving my cutlery as it somehow never makes it back home.

  • I would love to add the yoghurt mover as my daughter has food intolerances and loves yoghurt which is great at home but not great in a school bag all day. Warm yoghurt! YUCK!!!
    This is a great review, thanks. Although I would have to say that the one thing that truly irritates me about the snack movers is that you can’t replace just the lids. I have 5 tubes and one lid! Not very helpful, hopefully this is something they look at introducing soon.

  • In this instant, I have to say – bugger the kids! I want that Cutlery Mover. Soooo badly! I pack a variety of lunches to take to work. I’d so love to have a fork at the ready or chopsticks when I’ve got some dumplings.

  • Love the cutlery movers wow what a scathingly brilliant idea. Perfect for hubby and for the kids for school.

  • I would love the yoghurt mover – I make my own yoghurt and would love to send it for school lunches for my son, but all the containers leak and I worry about it getting too hot. This would be great!

  • The Cutlery Movers would be a GODSEND!!! At work no one EVER cleans and returns their cutlery so I am constantly forced to eat my food with my fingers….An ingenious Cutlery Mover neatly tucked away in my handbag would mean I’d never be caught out again!

  • I honestly don’t know which to pick! I’ve never tried Nudie Food Movers, but I think a banana keeper would be a great product.

  • I would love the yoghurt mover. I have always found it hard to find good leak proof yoghurt containers. I much prefer dividing up a big tub for the kids for school rather than buying the much more expensive option of individual tubs.

  • The yoghurt mover, that would be fantastic, anyone who’s ever tried to pack yoghurt in lunches(it can get messy!) could really appreciate the Smash Youghut mover!

  • Yogurt mover please. I make my own yogurt and those reusable pouches are not as good as they are supposed to be. Hate warm yogurt yuck

  • I *need* some yogurt movers! Especially before summer. One of my children doesn’t eat any fruit at all so their lunchbox is quite often rather dismal looking. I like to give her a yogurt daily but it quite often comes back home because it was too hot to eat, even at recess time. I will need to invest in these…thanks for your blog post, I never knew they existed. They’re a smart bunch at Smash!

  • Id like to add the Nude Food Movers Lunch Boxes to our house. One for my daughter who starts kinder next year and one for myself for when I go back to work from maternity leave next month.

  • Our lad starts school they gave emphasis on brain food from healthy eating ,Sandwich Move Food set in blue be very useful.

  • Cutlery Movers, the perfect Family barbecue in the park item, so we wont get stuck without a fork, because last time it was a tad messy.

  • I’d love the yoghurt pot as there are many times when miss 5 wants some for kinder lunch and I just have nothing to put it in so that it doesnt spill everywhere.

  • Definitely the banana mover because my bananas always get squashed in my bag, since I have 3 bags in total that I carry every morning (2 for the kids, 1 for myself).

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