The Colourful Housewife Review on the EBook: ‘How to Make a Review Website’


FO33894BE427_3d_finalI am sceptical when I see a ‘How To’ book. Is it really going to show me how to? Am I wasting my money on what I already know too?
At first there were some doubts as to how technical the EBook: ‘How to Make a Review Website’ may be, especially for a person with no or little experience with technology and/or making their way around the ‘backend’ of a website. The second doubt was how in depth would this EBook be? Could someone really make money from the steps and strategies outlined? Am I getting my monies worth out of the book?
Well let me start by saying WOW!! What a fantastic and very formative EBook. Not only was it easy to follow, but it was readable within the 1-2 hour timeframe; and yet I was still able to absorb what was being read – A huge plus in my eyes and will be for others that may be time poor.
Points and strategies were very clear and the way the Author Jasmine Rocca shows hers readers point for point with images how to navigate through steps, is not only a great highlight of areas but also very useful concept for readers.
The doubt; could this make someone money after reading? Yes I believe they can – With the instructions outlined, focus and time invested; the “How to Make a Review Website” would be a very valuable asset to anyone thinking/planning to launch their own business in this industry.
Not only would I recommend this EBook to someone wanting to start a review website, but also others currently in the industry. Jasmine you have brought up in the EBook ideas that even an experienced reviewer may not think to do or miss. Not only that, but there are also tips in here that would help current reviewers ‘save’ money in areas of their business.
The specific part that I liked most about the book was the ‘Other Email Templates’ content. As a current blogger there are templates and ideas in here that I can put into action with my own blog.
Overall I am pleased to say the EBook has been an enjoyable read, a learning curve for myself, yet an easy time efficient book to read. The book is straight to the points one would need without any confusing or conflicting technological jargon one would not understand. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to start in the industry. The book did really show me how to, not only that but it was also a great investment, one I am pleased to have in my bookshelf!

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