The Importance of Disconnecting

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Technology rules our world these days with most people being connected for large parts of the day through mobile devices – phones, tablets, laptops and through computers, televisions, and so on.

Our technology devices are getting smarter, allowing us to become more efficient in many of our day to day tasks, achieving things that may not have been possible in the past, such as chatting in real time with friends from the other side of the world, or conducting work from home. But they are also causing us to become more and more distracted from the world around us.

Many of us are finding our days suddenly consumed with being connected to our various devices, checking the latest Facebook status updates or viewing the trending viral videos on youTube. We have access to virtually anything we want through our technology, but this means we have stopped being as present in the world right there in front of us.

If this sounds familiar, maybe it is time for you to schedule some disconnected time into your daily routine. Make sure you a present for your kids and your partner, and have a break from the constant stimulation of updates and alerts.

Here are some of the ways you can disconnect:
No technology during meal time
Turn off alerts and phone calls after a certain time each night – most phones have a do not disturb mode
Wind down with a book instead of media
Go for a walk during your lunch break or before work
Spend time playing with your kids
Sit with your partner/friend/family and chat about your day

Ensuring we have periods of being disconnected from our technology can help improve our wellbeing and our relationships. With being constantly connected to others, there comes stress, such as work entering into your personal time, or the dramas of social media. It can also lead to resentment or frustrations from family members who feel they do not have your full attention.

By taking time away from your technology every day, you have the chance to build stronger relationships with those around you and enjoy those simple moments that are so much more meaningful in life.

Do you take time to disconnect each day?

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