Our Top 5 Sites For Choosing A Blog Theme!

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Choosing a blog theme can be daunting!

Where do you start? How do you know a theme is good? Where do I purchase a theme from? These are all common questions I hear when speaking to bloggers starting out.

I know when I first started looking at themes I spent hours online not knowing which one to choose.

I have purchased quite a few themes now and these are my top 5 sites I recommend:


Themeforest has a load of themes to choose from, you can choose everything from having a magazine layout to a simple one page layout. Lots of themes have the added option of a shop if you would like to sell items as well.

A few things to consider when selecting a theme:

  • Look at how many times the theme has been purchased
  • Check out the start rating, you want to purchase one that has a high star rating
  • Look at comments / reviews people have said about the theme.

You can check out Themeforest here:  http://themeforest.net/



BluChic has some gorgeous themes and also great support, lots of bloggers use these themes. I know quite a few that have used the Lynette theme and love it. Not all their themes are responsive to ecommerce though, so if you w wanting a shop added on then you may want to look for another theme.

BluChic also has full marketing / branding packages as well that you can purchase with the themes, which look awesome.

You can check out BluChic here: http://www.bluchic.com/


Restored 361 Designs

Restored 316 Designs has some great blog themes to choose from, you can view how other bloggers have used their themes under showcase.

You can check them out here: http://restored316designs.com/



Etzy has some great WordPress themes to choose from. Just check with the designer what is included when purchasing, some designers will also monitor updates for you.

You can check out Etzy themes here: Etzy WordPress Themes Or by typing the words: Blog themes into the search engine on Etzy.


Pretty Darn Cute

Pretty Darn cute has some lovely themes to choose from they also can install your theme for you within 24 hours for and extra $100 which is awesome!

You can check them out here: https://prettydarncute.com/


Before choosing a theme sit down and work out how you would like your blog to look, it will then be easier to select a theme based on that.

It is also a good idea to make sure the theme you choose is mobile and tablet friendly.


I hope you found this post helpful. Leave a comment if you did x



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