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This week at The Colourful Housewife headquarters we had the pleasure of talking with Celebrity Personal Trainer Neil Russell, whom has joined Forces with Accredited Practising Dietitian Geraldine Georgeou to Encourage Aussies to ‘Wake Up With a Kiwi’.


As spring approaches and excuses for skipping early morning workouts wear thin, Celebrity Personal Trainer Neil Russell, with Accredited Practising Dietitian Geraldine Georgeou, has launched a new diet and exercise plan – developed exclusively for Zespri Kiwifruit – which aims to ensure all Australians start their day in the healthiest way possible – by waking up with a Kiwi and including daily exercise into our routines.

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So TCH dived in to ask some of the most obvious questions we are all dying to know the answers too:

I am eager to ask straight up Why Kiwi-Fruit ?

Zespri® Gold Kiwifruits offer a serious boost, with an army of nutrients other fruits could only dream of – in fact there’s twenty nutrients and minerals in each piece. In addition actinidin, a protease enzyme unique to kiwifruits, helps us digest several food proteins, including those found in meat, milk, legumes and cereal. Gold Kiwifruits are one of the most nutrient dense fruits in the world. They contain 100% of your recommended daily Vitamin C requirements which is important for the growth and repair of tissues and the structure and function of skeletal muscle. Gold Kiwifruits also contain bioavailable antioxidants which protect against free radical and exercise induced oxidative damage, slowing down the ageing process.

Zespri Gold Kiwifruits contain Actinidin which is an enzyme that breaks down proteins in the diet making them easier to absorb and deliver to the muscles; protein is important for the muscle repair process following exercise.

To put it simply, Zespri Gold kiwifruits provide you with the energy for your workout, aid in the recovery of muscle tissue following your workout and provide long lasting energy to keep you energised and fight off fatigue for the rest of your day.

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Why is morning the best workout time for us?

The mornings are a great time to claim as our own; no distractions have suddenly arisen and we can dedicate some time for ourselves before others start asking to share it. This means that if you are planning on exercising, the morning is your best bet for making it part of a consistent routine. Additionally, morning exercise is a great way to prime the body for the day ahead, optimising your energy levels, mental wellbeing and performance throughout the day.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop with exercise however – including one Zespri Gold Kiwifruit as part of your daily breakfast is a nutritious way to wake up and fuel your body for the day ahead.

Zespri Gold Kiwifruits are one of the world’s most nutrient-rich fruits. They offer a veritable goldmine of nutrients including fibre, potassium, vitamin E and folate. Your biggest breakfast boost comes from their very high vitamin C levels; Zespri® Kiwifruits contain 100% of our daily

requirement in just one piece. Research has shown that this high Vitamin C content can help decrease feelings of fatigue and increase physical and mental energy, making them a great way to kick-start your day.

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In your opinion how often should we exercise and for how long daily?

That entirely depends on your goals. However, I recommend performing some form of exercise daily (e.g. run, walk, resistance training, swim, yoga, gym class etc.), it doesn’t even have to be too structured (surfing, hiking, hobby/sport). The key is to elevate your heart rate and get the body moving every day. Also, it is important to find a balance between your

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What is a healthy breakfast in your words?

A healthy breakfast should provide you with the energy to start your day off right and include carbohydrates, protein, fibre and contain a variety of antioxidants. I make sure that fruit is a part of my breakfast routine every morning.

What would be the benefit of the Wake up with a Kiwi 7-Day diet and exercise plan over other workout methods and diets?

The great thing about the Wake Up with a Kiwi 7-day diet and exercise plan is that you don’t need to be a member of a gym and you can do it literally anywhere (in the park, at home or at the beach!). Some of the most effective ways of training are utilised throughout the program – including HIIT and RTC.

HIIT or High Intensity Interval training, as the name suggest utilises periods of high intensity exercises followed by low intensity exercise or rest. It is a great exercise technique for boosting your fitness and decreasing fat mass and can utilise a variety of exercises to get results. RTC or Resistance Toning Circuits are a series of exercises performed back to back designed to give the full body a workout. Performing a RTC will increase your lean muscle mass (muscle tone) and increase your metabolism (so you burn more energy throughout the day). By completing each of these workouts 2-3 times a week you will go a long way toward looking and feeling great every day.

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Can you talk us through the exercise plan component a little more?

The exercise plan is designed to increase the physical capacity (cardiovascular fitness, strength, stability and flexibility) and body composition (increased muscle mass and decreased body fat) of the average Australian. It is key that there is opportunity to scale all of these workouts and exercises to make them more difficult to progress you results, or alternatively to make them more doable if you are just starting out. In the RTC work outs you can opt to start by using no weights or resistance and then as your physical capacity increases you can add resistance and get a really

intense full body resistance training workout, significantly building your strength and stability whilst increasing lean muscle mass and boosting your metabolism and decreasing body fat. With the HIIT work outs you can measure your progress in the number of quality reps that can be completed in the 1 minute. For a beginner this may involve slowing down and taking little breaks, as you get a little fitter the accomplishment will be completing non-stop reps for the whole minute, then you can take it to the next level by counting your reps and trying to beat it every workout. This is a great way to progress in a scaleable fashion. If your fit this workout can be made to be really tough, if you’re just starting out, then take it easy to begin with and see how you go. The stretching and light exercise component is to give the program balance and help prevent injuries associated with poor flexibility. The exercises that I have selected for this have been specifically chosen to target a large number of muscle groups, thus maximising metabolic requirements following the RTC and HIIT sessions.

How long would it take to see results from the Kiwi 7-Day diet and exercise plan?

How long is a piece of string? Some people will serve significant changes in their energy and mood after session one others it may take longer, it depends on your current lifestyle behaviours and level of health and fitness. Noticeable body composition and fitness results can often be achieved with in a few weeks. Long term significant health, body composition and fitness only come from following a routine for an extended period.

The “Wake Up With a Kiwi” Program isn’t just about achieving a quick fix as we come out of winter and embrace spring and summertime(though it will help with that), it’s more about developing a sustainable healthy morning routine that will serve as your long term health and fitness behavioural cue to lead a healthy energised happy life.


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