Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner



Whether you have been together for twenty months or twenty years, relationships still need work to keep that spark alive and well. Life can get busy and as such we can get so lost in our own day-to-day routine that we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the ones we love most in the world. This can be very detrimental for relationships.

Before you find things getting out of hand and messy, take some time to reconnect with your partner, to help remind you both of why you fell in love in the first place. Here are some great ways to get that loving feeling back:


You may be thinking to yourself ‘We already do communicate’, but it is so much more than discussing what is for dinner and when your daughter’s ballet concert is. Communication means asking questions, taking an interest and sharing feelings. Spend some time each day to check in with one another about the day you each had and take a genuine interest. Opening up the lines of communication can help prevent those big melt down moments that often come due to misunderstanding or feeling disconnected for too long.


Laughing with your partner is so important. Sharing joy helps us appreciate others and being able to laugh with your partner and have a good time is essential to a life of happiness. Perhaps you have a similar taste in comedies, or maybe it’s reliving stories from when you first started dating that will get the giggles going. Whatever it may be, make sure you have fun together. Get out and enjoy the world as a couple.


Like communication, listening is often assumed but not always happening. Listen beyond what your partner is saying and consider the tones that go with it, the silences they may give you. You will find out a lot about how they are doing by listening and actually absorbing what they say.


No matter how opposites may attract, we always have some shared enjoyment between us so find one of those things you both love and make it your ‘thing’. Make regular time to enjoy the hobby together.


A romantic dinner in a restaurant, a backyard picnic under the stars, or a trip to the beach. Whatever it may be, dating your partner is important, no matter how long you have been together, so get that babysitter organised if you need it and make dates a regular part of your lives.

What is your favourite way to reconnect with your loved one?

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